Wednesday, July 22, 2015

GoDaddy Hosting Files For An IPO

Growth of GoDaddy domains
Growth of GoDaddy domains (Photo credit: Wikipedia)
Just recently, GoDaddy hosting did file for an IPO, and they plan on using some of the funds from the IPO to get some of their debts paid off. They do plan on using some of the money for corporate purposes, in addition, as well. 

GoDaddy did file its regulatory filing, and when they did this, they did indicate that such things as the number of shares they plan to offer hasn't been determined. Nonetheless, this company did mention to, they plan on trying to raise some money in the vicinity of up to $100 million dollars. They did comment that this sum was just the placeholder amount. This amount was something that was subject to change. 

GoDaddy Hosting is based in Arizona and it provides a wide variety of products and services that people do need for the Internet world. Some of these products and services are no other than domain registration and web hosting plans. This company has listed Citigroup and J.P. Morgan as the official underwriters for their offering. 

This company has been in business for 17 years now. They did recently gain a lot of attention to themselves by coming up with some very edgy commercials that did have scantily dressed women in them. They did report a loss of close to $200 million dollars for the year of 2013. Their revenue did rise up though by an amazing 24%. 

Straight up to March 31st, GoDaddy did report a total booking sum of $438.5 million dollars and had close to 12 million registered customers with them. 

The founder of the company is named Bob Parsons. His investment group owns about a little more than 28% of the company's Class A stock. This information is contained in the filing that was made for the company. 

In 2011, GoDaddy was acquired for a whooping sum of $2.25 billion by KKR Co. Silver Lake. Today, they now only own, roughly about 28% of the company itself.

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  1. yes and now godaddy is listed in newyork stock exchange , right now $ 1 Web Hosting most popular product from godaddy


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