Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Stock Carnival Ecstasy - January 31, 2012

Governor of New Jersey at a town hall in Hills...Image via Wikipedia

Welcome to the January 31, 2012 edition of Stock Carnival Ecstasy.In this issue we have Alexander Collins taking a look at Forex Trading Forecasts for 2012. Maxim Kazawy likes the Companies Raising Dividends in January 2012. In politics there are Millions In the Cayman Islands For Romney from Tommy John. And finally Tim @ Faith and Finance has a Four Factor Test for Mutual Fund investing. Hope you enjoy the articles, bookmark, share, tweet, like on Facebook and come back soon.

DeWitt Dudley presents Protecting The Owners and Stock In A Closely Held Corporation | Law Offices of Givner & Kaye posted at Law Offices of Givner & Kaye, saying, "Operating a business in a closely held corporation can be an excellent way to protect the owner from problems with the business. If the business is adequately capitalized, then someone suing the business may not be able to “pierce the corporate veil” and get to the personal assets of the owner."

Juliet Jones presents 10 Ways to Stay Safe When Shopping Online posted at Business Insurance.


Alexander Collins presents Forex Trading Forecast for 2012. Is EURO doomed to collapse? posted at PipBurner Forex blog, saying, "Is it worth to invest in Forex trading in 2012?"

Dr. Dean presents A Million Bucks? In My 401K? Ya Gotta Be Kiddin’! posted at Dr. Dean's TheMillionaireNurse.com Blog, saying, "How do you end up with a million bucks in your retirement account when you're ready to retire? It's simple, stupid!"


Maxim Kazawy presents Companies Raising Dividends in January 2012 posted at Best Dividend Stocks, saying, "It has been a great start to the year 2012 with the S&P 500 up 4.6% year to date while the Dow Jones Industrial Average has racked up 4.12% in gains. The corporate business climate in America is improving with unemployment claims falling below 350,000 which is the lowest it has been since April 2008. In this bull market, I am searching for the best dividend paying stocks that are raising distributions. Let's start off with companies operating in the energy distribution and storage businesses."

Maxim Kazawy presents Dividend Stocks I want to Purchase on a Post Earnings Selloff - January 2012 posted at Best Dividend Stocks, saying, "McDonalds is a great American franchise that has returned a total annualized return of 29% over the last decade; look at the chart below, it is the nicest chart I have ever seen. McDonalds operates over 30,000 franchised and non-franchised restaurants in over 100 countries around the world. The company generates same-store sales growth of over 7.4% monthly in November 2011 and cash from operating activities of $5.365 billion in the 3rd quarter 2011."

Tommy John presents Millions In Cayman Islands Investment Funds For Romney | 2010 Taxes - Free Tax Filing Options posted at 2010Taxes, saying, "Republican presidential candidate Mitt Romney has disclosed that he has millions of dollars worth of investment funds set up in the Caribbean tax haven of the Cayman Islands."

Tim @ Faith and Finance presents The Four Factor Test for Mutual Funds posted at Faith and Finance, saying, "Your mutual fund pick should be based on at least four factors: fees, fund management philosophy, experience, and performance."

Dividend Growth Investor presents Eleven Dividend Kings, Raising dividends for 50+ years posted at Dividend Growth Investor, saying, "There are eleven companies however, which have each managed to increase distributions for over half a century. This is no small accomplishment, given the fact that the past half a century included several recessions, oil price shocks, high inflation and interest rates and several wars."


Rachel C. presents Insuring a Teenage Driver: Mitigating the Cost posted at Auto Insurance Quotes, saying, "Insuring a teen driver is extremely expensive. Depending on the age of the driver, the type of vehicle driven and applicable state restrictions, adding a teen driver can increase insurance rates as much as 100 percent or more. With the cost of insuring young drivers so high, it’s surprising that parents are even willing to license their teens."

Jackson presents Chris Christie And 2012 Taxes Panacea Or A Pandora?s Box posted at 2009 Tax, saying, "The Governor of New Jersey, Chris Christie has 2012 Taxes in mind with his ten percent income tax for the people of his state."


Robert Moore presents The Recent Tax Scandals Of Hollywood Stars – 2011 Taxes - Free Tax Filing Options posted at 2011 Taxes, saying, "Hollywood stars such as Sinbad, Pam Anderson, Nicolas Cage, Marc Anthony, Martha Stewart and others have had to learn this lesson in a very difficult fashion."

That concludes this edition. Submit your blog article to the next edition of stock carnival ecstasy using our carnival submission form. Past posts and future hosts can be found on our blog carnival index page.

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Mini Bio: Peter Jones Entrepreneur Extraordinaire

British entrepreneur Peter Jones started his business ventures from an extremely early age. With his penchant for seeing opportunity where others may not, he has pursued many ventures and has failed in some, but also succeeded in many others. With an interest in mobile phones, computers, property and media, there just nothing Peter Jones refuses to try.

Early Years

Raised in Maidenhead, Peter attended several schools but it was at The Windsor Boys School that he discovered his talent for tennis. He began giving tennis lessons and by the age of 16 the young entrepreneur had his first introduction to business success with his tennis academy. By 21 he was married to Caroline Jones, and the owner of his first home.


Starting his computer company early on, Peter began making PC’s under his own brand. Still somewhat of a party boy in his mid twenties, Jones ventured into the nightlife market and opened a bar based on the hugely popular movie, ‘Cocktail’, starring Tom Cruise. The Windsor based bar didn’t do too well and Peter cut his losses while he could, unfortunately he lost £200,000 when selling the business. Still learning the business side of company operations, Jones’ computer company floundered and he was forced to give-up his home and move back in with his parents. Still deciding where to from there he then found a job with Siemens, but believed he was destined for bigger things and undertook to pursue his dream, once again.

Jones then started up his Phones International Group, but because finances weren’t too abundant he rented an office and slept on the floor to save money. Before he knew it, the business started growing and expanded exponentially and his first year’s revenue totalled £14 million. Twelve years down the line, the Phones International Group is one of the top growing companies in Europe with an annual turnover of £150 million.

Television Appearances

For those who can’t put a face to the name, Peter Jones has made appearances on several popular television programs. He’s appeared on Dragons Den and he proved to be particularly popular so he returned for the show’s seventh season.

Not to be outdone on any business front Peter tried his hand at producing television content and sold his show “The Inventor” to the American Broadcasting Company. The show, co-produced by television legend Simon Cowell, was a roaring success. Peter Jones featured as a judge and the success of “The Inventor” put ABC ahead of all rival networks.

Peter had made appearances on other shows such as Tycoon, Hustle, and Top Gear, to name a few. His passion for success has seen him trying his hand at all areas of business be it corporate or show business, whichever way one looks at it, Peter Jones is a natural talent in both arenas.

Recent Years

Still on top of the business game, Peter has invested in several more companies and expanded his portfolio to include Red Letter Days, Wines4Business.com, The Generating Company and several magazines.

Jones most recently started the Peter Jones Enterprise academy as a way of introducing, and assisting entrepreneurs to polish their business skills.

As a car-mad person Jones has also expanded his car collection to include a Maybach 57 to add to his already huge car collection. Never short of wheels Peter Jones could easily start his own classic car company, then again he probably will when he’s run out of companies to build, or conquer.

Vida Denning enjoys writing on a wide variety of topics including successful enterprises operating out of serviced offices city and towns throughout the UK. Vida first started writing in an office to rent, but eventually moved to her home office.

Friday, January 27, 2012

Spread Betting Vs Trading

Nest egg savingsImage by RambergMediaImages via Flickr

Spread betting is an alternative investment option to trading. Here, people can place bets on how a market will perform. Instead of owning shares, this is a chance to bet on everything from gold and interest rates to sporting events. Though each type of investment involves research and gauging the market, spread betting and trading are very different. The following includes some basic information on the differences between the two investment options.

Bet on the Rise and Fall of Different Markets

Instead of buying shares, people bet on the rise and fall of the market. This means that spread betting doesn’t involve the ownership of anything. Additionally, it means that a person can make money by betting against the market as well as betting on its success. This key difference offers people more options when it comes to investing their money.

Fewer Fees and No Taxes

To buy shares in the stock market, people need to work with companies or brokers who negotiate this process. However, there are often commission, broker, and annual fees that link to this. Such fees can cut into one’s profits. Spread betting does not have such fees. Any taxes or fees are linked to the spread. This ensures people make the most of their money. Similarly, instead of paying to pay taxes on profits, people do not have to do this since no shares are owned. This also saves people money, especially if the betting goes well.

Less Money Upfront

Buying stock shares can become pricey, especially if people want to make a significant amount of money. A single share with an established or up-and-coming company can be expensive, and people tend to buy many shares at once. Thus, one would need to have a lot of liquid assets or cash upfront to be able to trade and make a large profit. This is not the case when it comes to spread betting. People do not need as much upfront cash, and they can also determine their stopping point so that they do not lose everything with one bet. This is a cost-efficient way to invest money. Similarly, not owning stocks means that one will not have to deal with the time and energy of selling and maintaining or watching them. This is a far easier way to invest money without spending a lot of money and time.

If people are smart, they can make quite a bit of money with spread betting. This is a chance to benefit from price movement. However, it is possible to lose money with this option of the market does not perform the way people estimate. This is why research needs to accompany any bet placed. There are always dangers when it comes to investing money into anything: whether a spread or the stock market. This is why education and research and careful investment are important.

Michael Brooks follows the spread betting and cfd trading markets closely and loves to exchange knowledge with fellow investors.

Thursday, January 19, 2012

Stock Carnival Ecstasy - January 19, 2012

Half million dollar house in Salinas, Californ...Image via Wikipedia

Welcome to the January 19, 2012 edition of Stock Carnival Ecstasy.In this edition we have Alexander Collins looking at What is Scalping in Forex Trading and how to profit from it. Tim @ Faith and Finance reports on Retail Sales which were up at the end of 2011. We have an article on REITs by Mike Piper. The Dividend Growth Investor shows us his Dividend Retirement Plan. And finally Steve presents Small Money Mistakes With Large Financial Consequences. Hope you enjoy the material, bookmark, share, tweet, like on Facebook and come back soon.


Jailan Marie presents Walking the Talk! What people really want! posted at Innovative Solutions For Positive Change.

Alexander Collins presents What is Scalping in Forex Trading and How to Succeed with It? posted at PipBurner Forex blog, saying, "Hello,
It would be great to see my post in blog carnaval"

stefanz presents Why nature and the economy are similar - Investing: Strategy, Risk, Tools, and more... - Skuzet posted at skuzet, saying, "Investors can learn something from nature. Both animals and companies depend on environmental factors. But there is more."

Theresa Torres presents 7 Tips for Repairing Your Credit After Bankruptcy posted at file your bankruptcy, saying, "Rebuilding your credit score after bankruptcy involves time and patience on your part. Following these simple steps can boost your credit faster."

Tim @ Faith and Finance presents Retail Sales Up in 2011: A Glimpse of Hope? posted at Faith and Finance, saying, "A quick look at how consumer spending ended in 2011. Sometimes the reports are difficult to interpret, but we break it down in a way that makes it easy to understand economics."

Chelsea Prescotti presents Mortgage Lenders Hunt Home Owners Even After Foreclosure posted at CreditScore.net, saying, "No one ever buys a home with the intention of one day losing it to foreclosure or being forced by circumstance into a short sale. Unfortunately, that is exactly the situation in which many homeowners find themselves. Financial struggles push thousands of homeowners into short sale or foreclosure every year. When the housing market collapsed in 2008-09, many found themselves upside-down in their mortgage and opted to simply walk away, leaving the bank to foreclose on the property and sell it for whatever a buyer would pay."

Rachel Cleary presents 10 Hidden Ways to Save Money on Auto Insurance posted at Auto Insurance Quotes, saying, "When it comes to saving money on car insurance, there are some things that you can control and some things that you can’t. You’re probably already aware of the importance of maintaining an excellent driving record and owning a reasonable vehicle in order to get low rates. There are several other special discounts floating around out there that aren’t often advertised. Familiarize yourself with the following list of special auto insurance discounts and mention them to your insurance company to see if you qualify."

Jeffery Weber presents January 2012 - Report on 0% Balance Transfer Credit Cards posted at Smart Balance Transfers, saying, "Consumers seeking to reduce interest expenses will find that the average length of balance transfer offers remains above 1 year, while average fees have dropped to just over 3%, making January a prime month to evaluate balance transfer options."


Mike Piper presents REITs Are Stocks posted at The Oblivious Investor, saying, "Despite misconceptions to the contrary, REITs are simply a type of stock. And they're already included in most broad index funds."

stefanz presents Discount model part 2: Cash flow - Investing: Strategy, Risk, Tools, and more... - Skuzet posted at skuzet, saying, "Valuing companies is one of the most important activities an investor should perform. In this series, the different types and the calculation of the discount models are described. In part two of this series, the discounted cash flow model is discussed"

Dividend Growth Investor presents My Dividend Retirement Plan posted at Dividend Growth Investor, saying, "I invest in dividend stocks, in order to generate a sufficient income stream, that would meet and exceed my expenses in retirement. Retirement to me is the point where my dividend income exceeds my expenses, which means that I no longer have to work for money.I am a big proponent of value investing, which is why I would only consider myself financially independent whenever the dividend income stream generated by my portfolio exceeds 1.5 times my annual expenses. In order to get there, there are several simple, but crucial principles I need to follow."


Steve presents Small Money Mistakes With Large Financial Consequences – 2008 Taxes - Free Tax Filing Options posted at 2008 Taxes, saying, "All of us are liable to make mistakes every now and then; after all, we’re only human. But there are some seemingly small mistakes that can snowball into something big and bring irreparable consequences to businesses."

Ariel presents Oil And Gold: Connected! posted at Buy Gold Co., saying, "Rundown of the connected nature of gold and oil for traders."

That concludes this edition. Submit your blog article to the next edition of stock carnival ecstasy using our carnival submission form. Past posts and future hosts can be found on our blog carnival index page.

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Sunday, January 15, 2012

What Christmas Shoppers and Retailers Might Expect

Black Friday shoppers at WalmartImage via Wikipedia

With the holiday season just around the corner, retailers in the United states are getting ready for a shopping season that is filled with uncertainty due to conflicting consumer financial reports and the changing patterns of American shoppers.

Recent reports from the National Retail Federation aren't exactly encouraging. While there will likely be an increase in holiday sales compared to last year's season, the increase will only be around 2.8 percent. Last year's holiday shopping season managed to produce a respectable and surprising 5.2 percent from the year before. Retailers that expected a similar performance this year may be in for a disappointment.

To make matters worse, holiday shoppers may also get a bit of a “sticker shock” this year. In 2008 and 2009, shoppers were treated to great prices due to high inventories once carried by hopeful retailers. During the last couple of years, stores have been forced to sell off large portions of their inventories at sharply reduced prices. Retailers have learned the lessons of the Great Recession, and they are now keeping lean inventories.

The lackluster American economy is also to blame for the grim forecast. The high unemployment and the weak demand from employers to hire new workers are two factors exacerbating the situation. A weak US dollar could also bring pain to clothing retailers this year, as expensive textiles may cause fashion stores to push their prices higher just in time for the holidays.

An annual consumer holiday shopping study released by Accenture, a respected global consulting firm, indicates that some consumers will be in a better position this year. High income shoppers will be the most benefited as stores are forced to reduce prices on high-ticket items.

Discount stores will now have to compete against traditional retailers in terms of pricing. Department stores have mostly refrained from offering price promotions this year, as many are waiting for the holiday shopping season to begin.

This year shoppers are expected to be more careful, controlled and fastidious over their holiday purchases. Shoppers are now more inclined to significantly research their potential purchases before heading off to the shopping malls or placing their online orders. Accenture believes that more shoppers are planning to use their smartphones to do price research and comparison shopping while physically at the stores.

As expected, the number of shoppers who plan to make more than half of their holiday purchases online has increased. After all, online social media platforms are already getting busy with pre-holiday season buzz. But the Accenture survey report has also uncovered an interesting fact surrounding holiday shopping: Black Friday, one of the biggest shopping days of the year, may be losing its charm.

The predawn madness at American shopping malls and big-box retailers has become a staple of consumer culture. But as much as customers want to save money, they may be growing weary of the theatrics that tend to go hand-in-hand with Black Friday. Less than half of the shoppers surveyed by Accenture plan to leave their homes at midnight to go shopping fore a large flat-screen television this year. Shoppers are now more likely to find bargains and free delivery offers than in previous years.

Post by Holly Adams, a writer for CouponCroc.co.uk, the best place to find discounts and savings on all of your online holiday shopping this year.

Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Stock Carnival Ecstasy - January 10, 2012

Credit CardImage by 401K via Flickr

Welcome to the January 10, 2012 edition of stock carnival ecstasy.In this issue we have three great articles starting with stefanz who has a investment checklist for all investors. Patrick LaRue has 4 Ways to Get the Most out of Your Retirement Budget. And finally we take a look at the Renewal Of Payroll Tax Cuts in Congress recently. Hope you enjoy the articles, bookmark, share, tweet, like on Facebook, and come back real soon.


Theresa Torres presents Ghost of Christmas 2011 Could Haunt Average American for 4 Years posted at CreditDonkey, saying, "This article provides some facts about holiday debt and advice on how to manage holiday debt repayment."

Dr. Dean presents Football and Personal Finance-14 Corollaries! posted at Dr. Dean's TheMillionaireNurse.com Blog, saying, "Financially speaking, it’s been a tough year, but then, every year can be. Need a ‘pat on the butt’ locker room pep talk? Get one here and then be ready to ‘get back in the game’."

Judy Blackburn presents How To Get Out Of Debt-The Smart & Quick Guide posted at Debt Consolidation, saying, "The holiday season is just about behind us and what lies ahead for many is the mounting piles of bills left over from the spending- and over spending- that frequently goes on this time of year."


Sandra Adams presents Credit Cards for No Credit posted at Credit Cards for No Credit, saying, "Many credit card companies hire lawyers to twist contracts and trick consumers into signing an agreement that will not benefit the cardholder."

stefanz presents Investment checklist - Investing: Strategy, Risk, Tools, and more... - Skuzet posted at skuzet, saying, "Every investor wants to invest in the best possible companies and investment products. There are a lot of methods to find the best investment, and on this site you can find the different methods on a checklist."

Patrick LaRue presents 4 Ways to Get the Most out of Your Retirement Budget posted at 2010 Tax, saying, "As medical technology advances, society becomes safer and health knowledge becomes more mainstream, the life expectancy of humans tends to increase."

Steve presents House Republicans Agree On Short-Term Renewal Of Payroll Tax Cuts And Other Benefits posted at FastSwings, saying, "Republicans in the House of Delegates caved on Thursday to the President's, congressional Left wingers ', and fellow Republicans ' demands for a renewing of payroll tax cuts for employees."

That concludes this edition. Submit your blog article to the next edition of stock carnival ecstasy using our carnival submission form. Past posts and future hosts can be found on our blog carnival index page.

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