Monday, August 29, 2011

A Beginners Guide to Selecting The Right Platform For Trading Stocks Online

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It’s a sad fact that very few people will be able to get up one day, take a gentle dip into the investing in the stock market for the first time and make some money. Investing in stocks and shares is a little too complicated for that. With even traders who are long in the tooth having trouble choosing investments sometimes those who are new to the game should always take the upmost care. However, this doesn’t mean beginner investors shouldn’t have a go. Even with the world markets in the state they are in, there is still money to be made from the right, careful investments. But getting those investments right comes down to three or four crucial details – timing, analysis, cool decision taking and lastly, a very good investment broker.

However, of all those attributes, getting a good broker can be the hardest for new investors, mainly because good brokers will cost you a fortune. Whilst brokers can offer you years of experience and knowledge, unfortunately they will also take a large commission that will cut down your profits (should you be lucky enough to make any). Thankfully, nowadays there are all kinds of online trading platforms that can help you with the actual brokerage and trading of your investments. These new online trading systems assist investors by allowing them to buy stocks at a fair price as well as supplying them with the newest and most complete analysis available at the time in order that they can make educated decisions on their investments. Some of the common platforms used by investors are Fidelity, E-Trade and Scottrade. These are popular platforms and each of them have their pros and cons but they have been tried and tested for many years and are a good place to start for new investors. Before you choose one of them read up as many reviews of them as you can find and take advantage of any free trials you can find.

There are certain factors you should weigh up when taking your decision but the main decision should be based on the price of their account fees and who has the lowest margin rates. Once you have narrowed it down to the best value platforms you should then choose one based on how good the staff and support are. Any trading platform worth it salt will have brokers working for them who are happy to help their customers and guide them towards making safe investments.

Lastly, remember that whichever platform you sign on with, it should not be your only investment source and you should only invest money you can afford to lose. Markets can be volatile, especially in the current climate, so if you are new to the game, play carefully.

Alex is a freelance journalist and financial blogger. He loves to write about football and jazz but spends most of his days writing about mortgages, stocks and shares and payday loans.

Thursday, August 25, 2011

Stock Carnival Ecstasy - August 25, 2011

President's Advisory Panel for Federal Tax ReformImage via Wikipedia

Welcome to the August 25, 2011 edition of Stock Carnival Ecstasy.This time we start off with a tax story that was popular across the US this past month, Sale Tax Holidays by Robert Moore. Mike Piper takes a look at investing all of your current income into a retirement plan when the markets are struggling. Online Dividends has 5 Stocks that are On Sale. And finally for the next leg up on gold, John Border looks at ways to purchase gold. Hope you enjoy the content, bookmark, share, like on Facebook, Stumble, Tweet and come back real soon.

Robert Moore presents Sales Tax 2011 Holiday Spurs Lots Of Shopping posted at 2011 Tax, saying, "A sales tax holiday is used by many states to spur sending during the month of August."


Kyle Taylor presents Get Paid $100 to Name a Company posted at The Penny Hoarder, saying, "There is a new trend called "naming contests" where small businesses outsource their branding to consumers like us. Check out how to enter a naming contest and why it could make you a $100 or more."

Mike Piper presents Does It Still Make Sense to Max Out Your 401k? posted at The Oblivious Investor, saying, "In light of the recent craziness in the stock market, does it still make sense for people to max out their retirement accounts?"

CardWisdom presents Understanding The Chase Sapphire $500 Offer posted at Smart Balance Transfers, saying, "Chase is offering a lucrative $500 sign up bonus on their Sapphire credit card, but this deal is not for everyone."

Kyle Taylor presents Does BP Oil Owe us $6,000? posted at The Penny Hoarder, saying, "I recently found out that I might be owed a ton of money from three different class action settlements. The experience made me realize that I should be on the lookout for others. Here's how I found them and submitted my claim form..."


Online Dividends presents 5 Stocks On Sale posted at The DIV-Net, saying, "With the drop in the market being the talk of the town, it's not terribly difficult to find value. I could probably put a list of 30 or more stocks that I find particular value in, but I think ultimately you want to stick to your plan. You should always think about allocation, diversification and buying quality on sale."


Jonathan Milligan presents Get Me Out of Debt! posted at Simple Life Habits, saying, "Are you drowning in financial debt? Here are 5 of my favorite tips for turning around your financial situation."

John Border presents How to buy gold in the stock market posted at Stock Market Basics, saying, "The best way to have gold in your portfolio is to buy gold stocks or gold etf as opposed to buying physical gold."

Robert Moore presents Ten Tax Tips For Individuals Who Are Moving This Summer | 2011 Taxes posted at 2011 Taxes, saying, "Keep all of your hotel receipts. You can deduct the money you spent on lodging while moving from one place to another."

That concludes this edition. Submit your blog article to the next edition of stock carnival ecstasy using our carnival submission form. Past posts and future hosts can be found on our blog carnival index page.

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Sunday, August 21, 2011

Landmarks in the Forex History

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Some of the main landmark events in the forex history without which the forex market wouldn’t be the same as we know it today are the so-called Plaza accord and Louvre accord. They had very powerful influence on the principles of modern currency trading.

Plaza Accord or Plaza Agreement is the agreement between the USA, France, Germany, Great Britain and Japan about the coordination of efforts in order to adjust the exchange rates, signed in 1985 at the Plaza Hotel, New York. The essence of the Plaza Accord for the currency market development was the revaluation of the existing exchange rate system.

According to the Plaza Agreement, US dollar was depreciated in relation to the G-5’s and Japanese currencies. This was achieved by these countries’ central banks intervention in the currency markets.

The aims of the Plaza Accord were to reduce the current account deficit in the USA and to drag the US economy out of recession. As a result, US currency was devalued for about a half of its previous value, while European and Japanese currencies were, on the contrary, revalued for 50%.

The key significance of the Plaza Agreement and exchange rate adjustment lied in the cooperation between the world countries in the economic terms. This was the rise of the economic globalization which continued and deepened in future.

The Louvre Accord (signed in 1987 in Paris) is an agreement between the USA, Germany, France, Great Britain, Japan, and Canada about the coordination of G-6’s currency interventions aimed at supporting their exchange rates and stabilizing the US dollar which was depreciating. The Louvre Accord followed the Plaza Accord.

What made the Plaza Accord different from the Louvre Accord is the fact that the Plaza Accord was a trade agreement aimed at currencies exchange rates adjustment to meet the suitable trade levels for all the countries. While the Louvre Accord focused not only on readjustments, but also on synchronization of fiscal and monetary policies within all countries on the macroeconomic level.

There were three goals that the Louvre Accord was striving to achieve: to balance the currency market and thus the whole world economic system, to introduce coordinated world monetary consultations in case US dollar declined more than 5% and to stabilize the monetary system for the least developed countries thus promoting their growth. All these goals were supposed to be achieved in case the world monetary coordination prescribed by the Louvre Accord was consistent and permanent.

The Louvre Accord was the world’s final attempt to establish a fixed exchanged rate – an attempt that failed which proved that no more measures should be taken in that direction. Finally, the world once and for all became aware of the inevitability of implementing the floating exchange rate, in which the market forces of demand and supply form the price for a certain currency in the foreign exchange market.

Alexander Collins is a CEO of Forexeasystems and developer of currency trading strategy ProFx and another auto forex trading software as EA Shark and EA Sigma.

Friday, August 12, 2011

Stock Carnival Ecstasy - August 11, 2011

WASHINGTON - JULY 18:  Chairman of Federal Res...Image by Getty Images via @daylife

Welcome to the August 11, 2011 edition of Stock Carnival Ecstasy.This is the first edition with quite a bit of editing, something like a best of carnival. Just too much non-financial articles were submitted so I weeded out the ones that did not match the theme. Robert Moore got us started looking at what corporations pay in taxes in the US, which is zero for some of the larger businesses. Maxim Kazawy has the Highest Dividend Paying Stocks in Professional Services Industry. We have some Forex Investing Myths from Alex Almendes. Finally, Alexander takes a look at the Best Investments For Steady Income. Hope you enjoy all the articles, bookmark, share, tweet, like on Facebook, and come back soon.

Tax Debt Help presents Latrell Sprewell the No. 1 Delinquent Taxpayer in Wisconsin posted at Tax Debt Help Blog.

Robert Moore presents The 2011 Tax Rate For US Corporations And Microsoft posted at 2011 Tax, saying, "In the United States Microsoft paid just under $500 million in taxes, and in other countries, they were paying as low as 7% rates on their multiple billions of dollars in profits."

Sienna Mason presents 5 tips for trading forex « Talking Forex posted at Talking Forex, saying, "Talking Forex is here to teach beginners about the foreign exchange market – introductory articles include 'Just what is a pip?', 'When to trade forex', 'Types of currency pairs' and 'Safe haven currencies'."


MoneyThinking presents Meet the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau posted at Money Thinking.

Robert Moore presents Top 5 Online 2011 Online Tax Scams | 2011 Taxes posted at 2011 Taxes, saying, "Tax scams are a new this tax season with a couple additional ways to trick taxpayers into giving over their personal information."

Marvin Grossman presents Inside the Life of Centurion Cardholder posted at CardRatings Blog, saying, "The mysterious American Express "Black" card draws much speculation. A Centurion cardholder tells all about her card."


Maxim Kazawy presents Highest Dividend Paying Stocks in Professional Services Industry in the S&P 500 posted at Highest Dividend Paying Stocks, saying, "In this article, we will go over 4 highest dividend paying companies in the S&P 500 that are related to providing professional services to other businesses, consumers & customers worldwide."

Dividend Growth Investor presents Dividend Stocks make great acquisitions posted at Dividend Growth Investor, saying, "The dividend growth strategy tries to focus on companies which have strong brands, wide moats and a customer base which is willing to pay a premium for the product or service the company is providing. These quality characteristics allow select dividend stocks to generate growing earnings per share, and generate excess cash flows each year."


Felicia presents Forex Forecast: 1 August 2011 GBPUSD posted at Forex news, trader, forecast, tools and calendar.

Judy Blackburn presents Should You Pay for Identity Protection? posted at Debt Consolidation, saying, "Identity protection varies in services and in price, knowing what you are getting for a monthly fee is important in selecting a good company."

Alex Almendes presents Forex Investing; Myths posted at Financial Tips|Personal Money Management|Investment Guide, saying, "Many people are simply afraid to invest their hard-earned money in the Forex market. Most of these fears are the result of the hearing inaccurate or incomplete. Do not fall into this trap. Read more about myths to be dispelled."

Alexander presents Best Investments For Steady Income posted at Dividend Stocks, saying, "The best investment is a diversified portfolio of stocks, funds and trusts that increase in value while paying steady income."

Judy Blackburn presents Maintaining An Extraordinary Credit Score posted at Debt Consolidation, saying, "If you are looking to secure a loan with a decent interest rate to consolidate debt or purchase a new item, have a good credit score is helpful."

That concludes this edition. Submit your blog article to the next edition of stock carnival ecstasy using our carnival submission form. Past posts and future hosts can be found on our blog carnival index page.

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Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Online Shares Trading in India

The main trading room of the Tokyo Stock Excha...Image via Wikipedia

Individuals are getting into share trade with the intention of making money quickly. Greed of making fast money has ruined the lives of several traders. The stock market does offer plenty of opportunities for traders; however one can take advantage of these opportunities only if equipped with good knowledge on current events, and market trends. Online shares trading in India has become popular over the years because it allows individuals to buy and sell shares on the go. Several individuals that are busy because of work schedules prefer to trade online because it is convenient and saves a lot of time. Research on movement of financial markets, changes in government policies, and decline and rise in currency helps traders determine the right time to buy or sell shares. (AW738ZTAXGPB)

A number of websites offer users comprehensive coverage on market news, stock, indicators, global stocks, and updates on top gainers and top losers in share markets around the world. All an individual needs to do is log on to a website to start trading. Share brokers prefer online shares trading in India because it enables them to manage meet varied needs of clients without any delay. Most companies that deal with share trade offer excellent advice for users through their websites. Every website offers software tools and software indicators that are downloadable. Individuals get a better perspective on market movement of the future by using trading software.

Every website offers trading software that is simple and easy to use. To get individuals familiar with online trading software websites offer visitors free trial offers. Once an individual knows how to use the features of software on a website, real time trading becomes easy. Understanding the features and working of software on websites is essential to ensure efficient online trading.

Several books and magazines offer comprehensive information on online shares trading in India. Use strategies, tips and advice you get from experienced traders, it helps. You can only get better at trading by learning from mistakes. Smart traders learn and develop skills for trading by observing investment portfolios and policies of companies. Before investing in shares of a company, traders conduct a detailed research on company background and growth statistics of previous years.

There are several individuals that have made a fortune by share trading, but these achievements have been accomplished with hard work. Daily online shares trading in India is popular among individual investors. In India several individuals have taken a liking to online trading because they can check the bank account status and demat account balance anytime of day.

Websites provide comprehensive information on graphs, market watch, stock analysis and recommendations on online trading tools. Information on historical data and real time market positions are displayed on websites. Analyzing stocks everyday is essential for traders to get a perspective how the market will react in the future. Investing in the right stock at the lowest price is essential to ensure profits are maximized. Knowing when to hold-back or sell shares comes only with experience. Clever traders never miss an opportunity of taking advantage when markets are on a high or low.

Learn about trading in shares online by using virtual trading. It is one of the best ways to learn trading without getting burnt in the process.

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