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Five Antique Pieces Worth Investing In

Five Antique Pieces Worth Investing In

Some antique pieces are always popular, whereas others fall out of favour. It's important to invest in types of antiques that actually interest you and that are always going to be popular in order to make them sound investments for the future. Here we look at five types of antiques that could be considered safer opportunities.

Precious Metals

Gold and silver have been popular since ancient times and there seems no likelihood that this will change. Indeed, with the current financial crisis gripping many of the world's economies, investing in gold and silver is a better option than stocks and shares. There are many different types of silver items to buy, particularly from jewellery to cutlery, but for gold, jewellery is the outright winner.


Collecting antique coins is a good investment, as they just never decrease in value - unless the condition of the coins deteriorate greatly. Unlike fragile china, for instance, there is no risk of the item being irrevocably damaged. Insuring coins won't be difficult and they are one of the most interesting type of antique to collect. Collections can be made up from different periods in history, or from different countries.


Furniture is another type of antique that can reap dividends for an investor. It can be expensive to purchase and a some knowledge of the most respected furniture makers is a must. Space will be a major consideration for anyone hoping to build up a collection of antique furniture. To keep its value, the furniture cannot be just dumped in the garage.

Fine Art

Investing in art antiques is one of the best options on all, especially for someone with a good knowledge of art. Bargains can be picked up at various types of sales, especially car boot and garage sales. Many people will sell paintings for ridiculously low prices, because they have no real knowledge of either the artist, or the value of the work itself. Any art that is purchased will need to be carefully looked after and never put on display where sunlight can affect its colour.


Children's toys are antiques that not only appeal to adults, who will buy such items for their nostalgic appeal, but they are of historic value also. Many people are fascinated by toys that were made in Victorian times and by earlier versions of toys that are still popular. Toys that are unopened are valued highly by antique collectors.

When thinking of investing in antiques such as coins or silver antiques, also think about insurance costs. It's sensible to both invest and protect and insurance will help to give peace of mind.

Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Stock Carnival Ecstasy - February 21, 2012

Governor of New Jersey at a town hall in Hills...Image via Wikipedia

Welcome to the February 21, 2012 edition of Stock Carnival Ecstasy.In this edition we have Super Saver examining the Extended Low Interest Rates and wondering if this is Another Bubble or its just Deflation? Bill Smith writes about NJ Governor Chris Christie who Wants A Tax Cut For His Citizens. There's an article about Discharging Tax Debt Through Bankruptcy. And finally Dr. Dean likes the Facebook IPO in 'Can You “Like” This Post: On Facebook?'. Hope you enjoy the articles, bookmark, share, tweet, like on Facebook, and come back real soon.


Alexander Collins presents Top 10 Forex Money Management Tips You Should Learn Today posted at PipBurner Forex blog, saying, "This article will help you to save your money trading Forex. Read it and you will safe yourself of unexpected loses."

Super Saver presents Extended Low Interest Rates - Another Bubble or Deflation? posted at My Wealth Builder, saying, "How will low interest rates affect the economy? There are two possible scenarios based on recent history."

Bill Smith presents Annuity Quotes- its day to day application posted at 2009 Taxes, saying, "If you are nearing retirement you might start worrying about the different pension policies and the annuities. Whatever may be the pension policies, most importantly one should focus on the lifestyle that one will carry on after one stops working."

Theresa Torres presents Student Credit Card Deals Can Make Spring Break More Affordable posted at CreditDonkey Deals, saying, "Let's take a look at some good deals for college students who are planning their spring breaks."

Amy Gardner presents Average Interest Rates for Payday Loans posted at Payday Loans Online Resource, saying, "If you are strapped for cash and are contemplating taking out a payday loan, there are several things you should first consider, such as how high the fees and interest rates associated with your loan are."


Raghavendra Hegde presents Forex Article Contest :: Dukascopy Bank SA | Swiss Forex Bank | ECN Broker | Managed accounts | Swiss FX trading platform posted at Dukascopy Article Contest, saying, "I do write article on various aspects of stock market as well as forex market. This article is about breakout failure which is one of the most profitable pattern in stock market."

Bill Smith presents Chris Christie Wants A Tax Cut For His People posted at 2012 Taxes - Free Tax Filing Options, saying, "New Jersey governor proposes a new tax reduction plan."

Bill Smith presents Discharging Tax Debt Through Bankruptcy posted at 2009 Tax, saying, "Filing for bankruptcy can be an effective way to get out of debt and get started rebuilding your financial life."


Dr. Dean presents Can You “Like” This Post: On Facebook? posted at Dr. Dean's Blog, saying, "You may already be an owner of Facebook shares. How? Will you make a fortune when that IPO finally happens? Find the answers right here."

That concludes this edition. Submit your blog article to the next edition of stock carnival ecstasy using our carnival submission form. Past posts and future hosts can be found on our blog carnival index page.

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Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Five Practices That Hurt Your Credit Score

Factors contributing to someone's credit score...Image via WikipediaPresent times have put a great deal on credit scores. Know what practices to avoid so that your credit score would remain in good standing.

Our present society operates on credit. People are encouraged to lead a consumerist life despite the absence of actual money. Credit cards and loans have been available for anyone who wants to make purchases, large or small, in exchange of a promise to return what he or she would owe. Needless to say, words written on paper and signatures are not enough to serve as basis for allowing someone to borrow money. Credit scores are then devised to reflect a person’s creditworthiness. In the world of credit, it has become a significant determining factor in assessing if a person can repay the debt, what type of debt the applicant would qualify for, and on what percentage of interest the debt should operate. Credit scores should be kept in good standing to elicit trust from creditors.
Given that credit scores are important, you should make it a point to keep you credit standing in good and favorable condition. You should be aware of the practices that may hurt your credit score, as well as your finances.
1. Making late payments. One of the important components of your credit score is payment history. Your creditors look at this part of your score to know if you have been a responsible payer with your past financial obligations. You should avoid paying after the due date because missing payments can harm your score drastically.
2. Using 50 to 80 percent of your available credit. It is ideal that you only avail of 25 to 30 percent of your total allowed credit. It is better to have two or three cards with small balances than using one card up to its maximum limit.
3. Filing for bankruptcy. If you are overwhelmed with debt and you are struggling to pay them off, bankruptcy should be your last option. It can severely damage your credit score for years, as well as limit your employment opportunities and endanger your assets. If you really want to get rid of your debt, you may consider debt relief programs such as debt settlement and consolidation. This may affect your score to some extent but you can recover faster than when you file for bankruptcy.
4. Applying for multiple credit cards and loans. The number of inquiries that appear on your credit report may be regarded by creditors as a negative implication because it can indicate your critical financial situation. Your inquiries may be read as need for money or financial struggle.
5. Ignoring your debts. Some people think that ignoring their financial obligations will make their problems go away when in fact, this worsens the situation. As long as you disregard the notifications and creditor calls and not take action, interest and penalty charges add up to your principal debt and your credit score suffers. If you cannot handle your debts on your own, look into the available debt relief program that offer assistance in debt management. These solutions may somewhat harm your score but they may help you get out of debt faster. The sooner you clear up your debts, the better for your credit standing.

Despite the weight of credit scores in our present economy, you can resort to using cash and not opting for credit. However, maintaining good credit scores may be of great use if you plan to purchase a home or a vehicle. Keeping your credit score in a satisfactory condition also reflects your character, trustworthiness, and financial responsibility.

Thursday, February 9, 2012

Stock Carnival Ecstasy - February 9, 2012

Joachim AlpenJoachim Alpen (Photo credit: SEBgroup)

Welcome to the February 9, 2012 edition of Stock Carnival Ecstasy. In this edition we have Alexander Collins considering weather the EURO is doomed to collapse. LivingInVol takes a look at what Facebook is worth. Do you like to Holding Stocks during Earnings Announcements? Doctor Stock has some trading ideals if you still own the stock when earnings are announced. And finally Patrick LaRue helps us Plan For An Early Retirement. Hope you enjoy this edition, bookmark, share, tweet, like on Facebook and come back soon.


Alexander Collins presents Forex Trading Forecast for 2012. Is EURO doomed to collapse? posted at PipBurner Forex blog, saying, "Latest forecast about Forex market in 2012"

Alexander Collins presents Pros & Cons of Different Time Frames in Forex posted at PipBurner Forex blog, saying, "This article will help to understand what is the best time frame for best possible your trading"

Beth Montgomery presents Find Your True Credit Card Cost posted at Credit Cards for Fair Credit, saying, "A small monthly payment may seem insignificant, but when you take the time to find the true cost of your credit card along with the interest, you may think otherwise."


LivingInVol presents What is the Facebook IPO price? What is Facebook worth? posted at Living in volatility, saying, "What JM Kenyes would say about the Facebook IPO."

CultOfMoney presents Portfolio - tactical asset allocation to domestic equities | CultOfMoney posted at CultOfMoney, saying, "As of the end of January / beginning of February, my Tactical Asset Allocation (TAA) model has shifted more heavily into equities, specifically domestic equities. Looking at the sector rankings for this month, you can really see the performance shift. Now, I will remind you that this model is not for day-trading, it is for long-term holdings. The goal is to get the middle 80% of multi-month and longer trends."


Theresa Torres presents Why Your Small Business Should Offer a 401K posted at Investor Junkie, saying, "Offering a 401K program to your employees can provide direct benefits to your business and here are the reasons why."

Doctor Stock presents Holding Stocks during Earnings Announcements posted at Invest in the Markets, saying, "Holding stocks during earnings announcements has inherent risks… but that’s not to say you shouldn’t do it. We'll examine what to do if you already hold a stock, or are simply considering it."

MikeAhi presents Top Investing Websites of 2011: The Best Free Investment Resources on the Web! posted at After Hours Investing, saying, "Here's a great list of resources for investment information. They were tops in 2011 and remain so in 2012."

Sean presents Discussing Salary Raises With Your Boss | One Smart Dollar posted at One Smart Dollar, saying, "With yearly job reviews right around the corner this article gives tips for how you can make sure you get the best raise possible from your employer."

Patrick LaRue presents Planning For Early Retirement posted at 2010 Tax, saying, "Retirement planning is something that people usually do to prepare for old age."

That concludes this edition. Submit your blog article to the next edition of stock carnival ecstasy using our carnival submission form. Past posts and future hosts can be found on our blog carnival index page.

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Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Sovereign Debt Update: The Implications of Downgraded France

The latest in the European sovereign debt crisis is the downward grading of France’s AAA rank by Standard and Poor, the most authoritive credit rating agency. This is a major blow to one of Europe’s largest economies and because of the countries massive influence, is sending ripples across the continent. This article examines the implications of the new ranking in the Euro zone and currency market in general. The debt in France is one of the largest in the world; over $1.6 trillion is owed making France the fourth in the list of largest sovereign borrowers in the world.

Sovereign Debt and Europe

Europe will be disappointed with this new rating, as European nations already engulfed by the Euro sovereign debt crisis were relying on the leverage of France and other high credit-ranking members to rescue the flailing Euro. Now only Germany remains, but it is a tall order to expect a single country to bail out the entire Euro zone. The fate of the Euro is hanging precariously by a thread as more member states fall in their sovereign debt ratings.

Sovereign Debt and France

It’s also worth examining the implications of this new ranking for France’s internal administration. It is safe to say that Nicolas Sarkozy’s re-election campaign is in tatters. He promised the nation that his administration would keep the AAA rating intact as well as the country’s ‘national prestige’, but after this massive blow of the EU sovereign debt crisis and a few others the national trust has all but diminished. There are two ways that the politics of the county could go; either towards conventional socialist Francois Hollande with his dismissive view towards austerity or far-right Marine Le Pen. The latter is campaigning for the return of the Franc, sure to aggravate the banking system of France and cause further problems in sovereign debt management.

The Market Reaction to the French Sovereign Debt Levels and Rakings

On paper the downgrade is a calamity but the market reactions to this sovereign debt data were surprisingly tame. The Euro showed only a bit of instability. French trade yields only increased by a small margin, but in comparison to a regular day of trading hardly any difference can be noticed. The only explanation is that the downward motion of rankings within the context of the sovereign debt crisis is failing to shock or surprise anymore. Traders are almost becoming desensitised. Judging by the sovereign debt ratings by country (think Italy, the United States, China and Japan) downgrading is a trend that is expected to continue. The question is whether the sovereign debt levels of the United Kingdom and Germany can withstand the pressure.

Penny Munroe is an enthusiastic follower of currency market trends. Her interest stems from her first metatrader 4 download which she used to open a metatrader 4 demo account. She is now an active currency trader.

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