Thursday, June 30, 2011

Stock Carnival Ecstasy - June 30, 2011

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Welcome to the June 30, 2011 edition of Stock Carnival Ecstasy.We have 11 great articles this time around with Tommy John starting off with a nice post on the Billionaires Tax Bill that NJ democrats have sought to offset spending cuts that are supported by the majority of congressmen in the state. The Dividend Growth Investor takes a look at Exxon Mobile (XOM) for its appreciation and dividend paying history. And finally Maxim Kazawy has a tutorial on Mutual Fund's Fundamentals that is a good read for all beginning traders. Hope you enjoy the material this time around, bookmark, share, trackback, tweet, and like on Facebook.


Tommy John presents H&R Block Faces Opposition Over The Acquisition Of TaxACT: Federal Antitrust Suit Filed. | 2010 Taxes posted at 2010Taxes, saying, "H&R Block wants to combine their tax preparation software with TaxAct to compete this coming year with TurboTax."

Jeff Weber presents June 2011 Report on Balance Transfer Credit Cards posted at Smart Balance Transfers, saying, "In June, the average length of balance transfer offers increased to more than 12 months for the second time in 2011 and fees on balance transfers decreased. However, many consumers still have limited options due to the lack of depth in the market."

Tommy John presents The New Jersey Millionaires Tax Bill Of 2010 | 2010 Taxes posted at 2010Taxes, saying, "To balance the budget of NJ, state democrats try to hike the taxes on millionaires through a house bill."

Jeff Weber presents How Much Has Your Credit Card Debt Cost You This Year? posted at Smart Balance Transfers, saying, "Failing to track monthly credit card interest expenses can mask what is often a major expense. With 2011 at its midpoint, now is a good time to find out how much credit card debt is costing you and seek out ways to reduce this expense."


Dividend Growth Investor presents Exxon Mobil (XOM) Dividend Stock Analysis posted at Dividend Growth Investor, saying, "Exxon Mobil is a component of the Dow Jones Industrials and the dividend aristocrats indexes. Exxon Mobil has paid uninterrupted dividends on its common stock since 1882 and increased payments to common shareholders every year for 28 years."


Donna Cullen presents 10 Ways Married Men Cover up Their Wedding Rings posted at Top Dating Sites.

Judy Blackburn presents Is A College Education Too Expensive For American Middle Class? posted at Debt Consolidation, saying, "The middle class is having a harder time paying for college with the rate of fees outpacing the rate of inflation while incomes do not rise."

Tommy John presents Intuit Buys Platform To Bolster Mobile Banking Mobile Tax Filing | 2010 Taxes posted at 2010Taxes, saying, "Intuit is boosting their mobile tax preparation and accounting services to compete and expand its offerings."

Tommy John presents IRS Revokes Nonprofit Tax Exempt Status | 2010 Taxes posted at 2010Taxes, saying, "Make sure your charitable giving is to a certified non-profit agency and not one of the 275,000 that lost their status this year."

Tommy John presents The Consistent Decline Of The Las Vegas' Housing Market | 2010 Taxes posted at 2010Taxes, saying, "Las Vegas real estate is still weak and should be avoided."


Maxim Kazawy presents How to Examine a Mutual Fund's Fundamentals - Price to Earnings, Price to Book, Dividend Yield & Expense Ratio posted at Best Dividend Mutual Funds, saying, "Just like how analysts like to measure a company's stock via the price to earnings ratio, price to book ratio, earnings per share growth, Beta, market capitalization & volume, dividend mutual funds can also be measured in the same manner."

That concludes this edition. Submit your blog article to the next edition of stock carnival ecstasy using our carnival submission form. Past posts and future hosts can be found on our blog carnival index page.

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Sunday, June 26, 2011

The Best Businesses of 2011

Image representing Google as depicted in Crunc...Image via CrunchBase

The 2009 financial meltdown is the greatest crisis the corporate world has seen since the Great Depression of 1929. Many businesses went under and were utterly destroyed, some are still staggering from the effects of the depression. Some were not heavily inflicted and have withstood the tough times. These are the best businesses of the year which are showing great signs of recovery. The year 2010 was the recovery period where many companies and businesses were nursing wounds afflicted by the crisis. I can therefore bet the best businesses of 2011.

Google Inc
Google is an American public corporate that has highly invested in web search, cloud computing, and advertising. Google has developed very many internet based services and other technology products. It generates profit primarily from advertising from advertising through
its Ad Words program.

The net income for the last quarter, which ended on 31st December 2010, increased by 9% to almost $2.5 billion. This translates to about $8 per share. This is a remarkable achievement for Google compared to the $2 billion or $6 per share in the quarter of 2009. Its annual turnover
rose by a stunning 25%, from $6.6 billion to $8.44. The sites owned by Google contributed about 68% of the sales while other affiliated websites accounted for the remaining 22% of the
income. Most of the income was mainly from the US, followed by the United Kingdom and then the rest of the world. The paid clicks on the special ads viewed on affiliated sites grew by 17.9% compared to 11.1% in the previous year. The mean cost per click also rose by more than 4% compared to the previous year. In all of the year 2010, the net income for Google grew by 30% from$6.5 billion to $8.5 billion and its revenue increased by over 20% from $24 billion to almost $30 billion. Also Google shares rose in value by almost 2% that is $12, in the after-hours trade just after releasing of the financial figures.

AT&T Inc

AT&T is the biggest provider of telephone services in America. It also provides high speed broadband services as well as television subscription services. AT&T headquarters are situated in Dallas, Texas. As of 2010, it had more than 100 million mobile customers. Forbes magazine listed it as the 14th largest company by world market value. It is also recognized as one of the leading worldwide providers of IP-based communications services to businesses. AT&T also has the fastest mobile nation's fastest mobile broadband network and the largest international coverage of any U.S. wireless carrier, offering the most phones that work in the most countries plus the largest Wi-Fi network in the United States based on branded and operated hotspots; and the largest number of total broadband connections in the United States.

AT&T also has the exclusive rights to carry the iPhone and the choice carrier for the iPad. This helped the company by protecting it from its competitors like Verizon Wireless. AT&T gets more than 39% of its sales from its wireless operations. With the more than 5 million users of the iPhone AT&T definitely has an edge over its competitors and boosted its earnings. AT&T's earnings were also largely boosted by the radical cost cutting measures it took to survive the financial crisis.

As of the last quarter in 2010, it earned $3 billion, meaning 50 cents per share. In the previous year at the same period, the company made $2.39 billion, or 40 cents per share. The turnover for the last quarter registered a small drop of about 0.69% to about $31 billion due to weak sales in one of its local phone business.

General Electric

General Electric is an American corporation whose global headquarters are in Fairfield, Connecticut. The company has diversified and has five subsidiaries: Technology, Energy, Capital Finance, NBC and Consumer and industrial. Forbes magazine ranks it as the 3rd largest company based on its assets, profits and sales. The company has more than 250,000 employees worldwide

The company was greatly affected by the global economic crisis and made very huge losses in 2009. However the company’s fortunes have now turned around and its financial performance has greatly increased. It has come through better and a lot wiser.

In the year 2010, its growth was sustained and grew despite of the effects of the poor economy. Its earnings increased by almost 15%. Its capital earnings rebounded sharply and the company’s dividends doubled. The stock price also shot up to 21%. General Electric (GE) corporation earned $14,200,000,000 in profits in 2010, although for two consecutive years in a row the company has not paid federal taxes. The year 2011 is looking great for the company as the economy is showing signs of improvement.

This is a guest post on behalf of Looking for Franchise Opportunities or Business Ideas? We can help!

Friday, June 17, 2011

Fixed Asset Management Allows You To Exorcise Your 'Ghosts'

Graph of typical Operating System placement on...Image via Wikipedia

When you’re assessing your company’s balance sheet and inventory it’s important to have the best fixed asset depreciation and tracking software that’s available. Finding out how much your equipment and property is worth is going to help limit your tax and insurance liability. Depreciation is a fact of life, as your assets age they are worth less in the resale and second user market meaning that as soon as you plug it in it’s worth less than you paid for it. As each year passes the goods are worth less therefore your tax liability in turn goes down. As many as 65% of companies misrepresent the value of their assets, paying tax on goods which would essentially be worth nothing on the resale market. 30% have such poor auditing and asset tracking that they are paying for ‘ghost’ items, that is property the company no longer owns but which still appears on the balance sheets and ledgers.

Inventory management software and barcode tracking systems offer effective depreciation and fixed asset management schedules which can alert you when items need servicing, licenses renewing and when hardware needs replacing due to superannuation as well as letting you audit your entire company so that your ledger is 100% accurate and up to date. With barcoding assets can be assigned to a particular room, corridor, floor or building meaning that if they are moved or go missing they can easily be accounted for. And written out rather that kept in ledgers.

Introducing asset tracking software can have a number of other benefits for your business not limited to:

Saving money insuring ‘ghost’ assets which remain on the books

Saving money on tax as you won’t miss depreciation deductions including Bonus Depreciation

Saving your time by making assets ‘swipable’ with a barcode reader which will provide your audit data in milliseconds

Asset management software is generally compatible with Sage and most of the other accountancy software and firmware as well as being able to produce reports in Excel, XML or HTML. The result is that a process such as auditing, which would have taken an age can now be done in a fraction of the time.

Of course the barcode can provide you with all sorts of other data too, not necessarily concerned with auditing, you can keep information such as date of purchase and service schedule, make and model number should you need spares, vendor contact information and maintenance records and who the property is assigned to within the company. When you need to find out about an asset, a room, corridor floor or building all you need to do is look it up. You can search for an ID, manufacturer, vendor, service engineer or date.

With all this data so easily accessed reporting and auditing for tax and account purposes as well as identifying lost, damaged and otherwise exempt hardware is simple.

Dan Cash is a features writer currently looking into inventory management facilities and depreciation software.

Thursday, June 16, 2011

Stock Carnival Ecstasy - June 16, 2011

Actor Wesley Snipes - 66th Venice Internationa...Image via Wikipedia

Welcome to the June 16, 2011 edition of Stock Carnival Ecstasy. In this issue in additional to Wesley Snipes staying in jail we have Father's Day Gifts For Stock Market Investors by ThisIsWhyImBroke. Steve has a couple of nice stories for us including a tutorial on using your 401(k) to start a business and why it's a good time to take profits in Exxon Mobile. We have 10 Dividend Stocks for the Future from Jared H. And finally Boomer lets us know when its time to Fire Your Investment Manager. Hope you enjoy the articles, bookmark, share, tweet, and come back soon.

Pinyo presents How to Review and Update Your Homeowners Insurance posted at Moolanomy, saying, "Many people neglect to update their homeowners insurance policies as time goes on. Here are two insurance factors you must review periodically to avoid being underinsured when disaster strikes."

Tommy John presents California Faces Battle Over Budget as State Runs Out of Money | 2010 Taxes posted at 2010Taxes, saying, "California legislators battle over how to balance their budget as they face a $10 billion shortfall."


ThisIsWhyImBroke presents Gifts For Stock Market Investors posted at This Is Why Im Broke, saying, "Fun gift ideas for stock market and wall street enthusiasts and investors!"

Jeff Weber presents 3 Reasons You Should Do a 0% Balance Transfer Now posted at Smart Balance Transfers, saying, "Credit card companies are offering some of the most generous 0% interest deals in history. This, as well as economic fatctors, make now as good a time as any for consumers to evaluate this expense reduction option."

Tommy John presents US Congress Urged By A Group Of Patriotic Millionaires To Increase Their Taxes to Reduce the National Debt | 2010 Taxes posted at 2010Taxes, saying, "Patriotic millionaires request the Bush Tax cuts be reversed to pay down the US debt on the bills 10 year anniversary."

Tommy John presents Blade star Wesley Snipes to Stay Incarcerated For Failing to File Taxes | 2010 Taxes posted at 2010Taxes, saying, "Blade star Wesley Snipes failed to pay his taxes during a profitable period of movie making and his now paying the price."

Steve presents Key Saver Secrets: Being a success at saving. posted at FastSwings, saying, "Saving can be easy if you understand some of the basics of planning and controlling your income."

Carlos Sera presents An Inflationary Tale | Financial Tales posted at Financial Tales, saying, "This tale will be particularly important to those that are no longer working and must live off of their capital for the rest of their lives."

Steve presents Tax Refunds and Bankruptcy; Don't Give your IRS Refund Away | 2008 Taxes posted at 2008 Taxes, saying, "Filing for bankruptcy prior to receiving a tax refund will result in the loss of that refund."

Steve presents How to Use 401(k) Funds to Start a New Business posted at - Steve Patterson, saying, "Using your retirement account to fund your small business could earn you the best rate of return possible."


Maxim Kazawy presents 5 Best Dividend Paying Mutual Funds with High Income posted at Best Dividend Mutual Funds, saying, "you know dividends make a very important part of any investor's portfolio. Dividends provide an instant cash flow return on your investment and also act as a downside protector in bear markets."

Steve presents Exxon Mobile Corporation (XOM) Keeps Value posted at FastSwings, saying, "Exxon has held steady as the market has declined over the past 4 weeks. But it could be time to take profits."

Maxim Kazawy presents Stocks that Pay High Dividends - June 2011 Edition posted at Best Dividend Stocks, saying, "Stocks that pay high dividends can be an effective way of building long term wealth by re-investing dividends to buy more shares of stock of the underlying companies. Investors should particularly invest in those stocks that are growing their dividends year over year"

Darwin presents 10 Dow Stocks Yielding over 3% – But How’s the Performance of Dow Dogs? posted at ETF Base, saying, "With 10 Year Treasuries dipping below 3%, here are the Dow stocks yielding over 3% worth a look."

Dan presents Two Divergent Approaches to Dividend Investing posted at High Yield Edge, saying, "Here are two divergent approaches to high yield investing. Which one do you prefer?"

jared h presents 10 Dividend Stocks for the Future posted at RICH AS CHOCOLATE, saying, "Article on dividend stocks by Jared at Rich As Chocolate."


Tommy John presents Republicans Repeal Tanning Business Tax posted at 2010Taxes, saying, "The Tan Tax is on the way out if republicans in the US house can have their way."

Mike presents Why your investment returns suck posted at Planned Freedom, saying, "You invest like everyone else. You buy companies the market loves, and you overpay. You sell out of fear when the market is down. You buy out of exuberance when the market is up. You hardly make any money, and you probably lose more than you make. Sounds familiar? Sure it does."

Tommy John presents Turbo Tax Voted the Best Online Tax Software | 2010 Taxes posted at 2010Taxes, saying, "Turbo Tax has been voted the best tax preparation software in 2010 by a number of respected organizations."

Judy Blackburn presents Paying for Big Purchases with a Low Interest Loan posted at Debt Consolidation, saying, "Using low interest loans, you are able to purchase quite a bit more product."


Boomer presents When To Fire Your Investment Manager posted at Boomer & Echo, saying, "When it comes to dealing with a portfolio manager, investors frequently err in one of two ways. They fire managers they should keep and keep managers they should let go."

That concludes this edition. Submit your blog article to the next edition of stock carnival ecstasy using our carnival submission form. Past posts and future hosts can be found on our blog carnival index page.

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Saturday, June 4, 2011

Stock Carnival Ecstasy - June 2, 2011

Factors contributing to someone's credit score...Image via Wikipedia

Welcome to the June 2, 2011 edition of Stock Carnival Ecstasy. In this issue we start off with Mike Piper who writes about Asset Allocation Comes First, Then Fund Selection when investing. Darwin takes a look at CytRx Corporation. We have a post on the 5 Best Dividend Paying Mutual Funds with High Income by Maxim Kazawy. Finally Boomer wrote a nice article about the 5 Common Mistakes Investors Make that you should take a look at. Hope you enjoy the article, bookmark, share, tweet and return for our next carnival.

Pinyo presents 5 Credit Score Myths posted at Moolanomy, saying, "Despite the increased attention placed on credit scores, there are still some rumors and plain untruths that are still confusing consumers in regard to their credit scores and history. Here is a look at 5 of the most popular untruths about your credit score."

Pinyo presents How to Review and Update Your Homeowners Insurance posted at Moolanomy, saying, "Many people neglect to update their homeowners insurance policies as time goes on. Here are two insurance factors you must review periodically to avoid being underinsured when disaster strikes."

A Noton presents Information About Mortgage Brokers Responsibilities posted at Best Mortgage Brokers Canada, saying, "When a person is looking for the best deals on mortgages it is important to know what a mortgage brokers responsibilities are. Much of the things done by a broker could potentially be carried out by the individual interested in these types of loans, but for the average person this could prove quite overwhelming and they may not be able to get access to all the deals available."


Kevin presents 20 Ways to Protect Yourself from Identity Theft posted at Reverse Phone

Teri Jones presents 10 Ways to Move Your Stuff Without a Moving Truck posted at Moving Tips.

Mike Piper presents Asset Allocation Comes First. Then Fund Selection posted at The Oblivious Investor, saying, "A common mistake that many investors make is trying to pick investments before they've decided what asset allocation they want to use."


Darwin presents CytRx Corporation Stock Review posted at Darwin's Money, saying, "Here, an exciting new biotech with a healthy pipeline is reviewed - CytRx."

Nesher presents Buy and Hold Trading Strategy – Pluses and Minuses posted at Internet Stock Trading for Beginners.

Mike presents What is a book value? posted at Planned Freedom, saying, "You hear the term "book value of a company" almost every time someone analyzes a stock. Learn how to quickly calculate it yourself, instead of getting inaccurate information from finance websites."

Maxim Kazawy presents 5 Best Dividend Paying Mutual Funds with High Income posted at Best Dividend Mutual Funds, saying, "Dividends provide an instant cash flow return on your investment and also act as a downside protector in bear markets. Also, the US stock markets have lost 2% annualized over the last 10 years. If you were invested in dividend paying mutual funds during this time, you would probably have made 5% compounded annual gains. In this article, we will go over 10 best mutual funds that pay dividends."


Steve presents How to Fund Your Start-Up Business posted at FastSwings, saying, "Business loans might be the best option for funding your new start-up."

Joe Manausa, MBA presents Why The Housing Market Recovery Needs Time posted at Tallahassee Real Estate Blog, saying, "The housing market recovery is not going to occur in the next few years, it is going to take longer before we see the kind of balance that we have come to expect as both property owners and as tenants. While there have been a slew of recent articles pointing to the loosening of lending standards as the “fix” that the market needs, the reality is that many things are needed, and time will be the cure to what ills real estate."

Steve presents How to Find A Good Tax Guy | 2008 Taxes posted at 2008 Taxes, saying, "Finding a quality CPA in any region of the country is important when you face tax changing life situations."

MikeAhi presents Insider behavior during corrections speaks volumes. posted at After Hours Investing, saying, "What can insider trader show us about the direction of the market? Perhaps not as much as we'd like, but it may be one of a number of helpful indicators of market reversals."


Boomer presents 5 Common Mistakes Investors Make posted at Boomer & Echo, saying, "There is a lot more to investing than just setting aside money every month and hoping it turns into a large nest egg in retirement. Here are 5 common mistakes that investors make:"

Hemant Beniwal presents Sector Fund – the complete guide posted at The Financial Literates, saying, "In this article I have covered what are sector fund, benefits & risk associated with them, and finally should one invest in sector fund."

That concludes this edition. Submit your blog article to the next edition of stock carnival ecstasy using our carnival submission form. Past posts and future hosts can be found on our blog carnival index page.

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