Monday, July 6, 2015

Warmer Weather Helps Accelerate Economic Growth

English: United States consumer Confidence 197...
English: United States consumer Confidence 1978-2010 from University of Michigan survey. Data source: FRED, Federal Reserve Economic Data, Federal Reserve Bank of St. Louis: Consumer Confidence [UMCSENT] ; U.S. Department of Labor: Bureau of Labor Statistics; accessed August 14, 2010. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)
Springs thaw aiding economic revival

All recent business and government reports are indicating that the U.S. economy is on the rise from the cold season.

The economic experts are projecting that in 2014 there will be accelerated growth happening after two years of slow but steady improvement.

The economy continues to gain momentum as the temperatures continue to rise. Factories are hiring as they get busier and busier. Consumers are spending much more and the banks are easing up on their restrictions of loans to businesses. These positive signs are appearing throughout the United States.

TD Economics' senior economist, Michael Dolega has pointed out how the economy suffered due to the chilling winter but is poised for a revitalization as the consumers are emerging from hibernation.

For the third straight month, a popular index based on factors such as interest rates, stocks, employment and consumer confidence has gone up.

Ken Goldstein points out a 0.8 gain to 100.9 on the index indicated rising growth through spring and summer.

During the first quarter, there was a 1.3 percent growth in the economy and experts anticipate a 3 percent growth from April to June.

The Federal Reserve has happily shown that manufacturing continues to pick up.

Batesville Tool & Die has been releasing data showing increased sales.

Employers all over are anticipating much stronger growth in the coming days.

As the U.S. economy improves, binary options and swing trading options are expected to increase as well.

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