Friday, April 1, 2016

H And R Block Troubles Presents Investor Opportunities

In just the last month, H and R Block shares dropped a whopping 21% following an unsatisfactory third quarter that led to investors fleeing to save themselves. On the other hand, it is believed that the fourth quarter could turn everything around and H and R Block stock can provide incredible investment opportunities for investors with a keen eye.

While the third quarter generally performs lower than other quarters every year, this year's loss was much more than ever anticipated. Its revenue dropped below the expected $502 million to approximately $475 million. That is a $79 million loss, which is far greater than the $37 million loss in 2015, during the same quarter. If that's not enough, the company also demonstrated four consecutive years of decreased volume, which worried its stockholders.

So the question is, is this an income opportunity for a savvy investor? We believe it may be. As disposable income increases this tax season, the public feels there is less urgency to complete their tax returns early. As a result, the possibility remains that the fourth-quarter earnings may be much higher than expected. The potential that exists for greater than anticipated earnings makes H and R Block stock attractive in this particular quarter.

Tuesday, March 8, 2016

Lower Than Expected H&R Block Earnings

Taxpayers aren't rushing to file their taxes early this year, and it's impacting H&R Block earnings.  It was announced that the company had huge fourth quarter losses because taxpayers are waiting later to file taxes.  H&R Block earnings are lower in other countries too.

Usually, H&R Block has losses for quarters that are outside of the regular season.  But the most recent losses were higher during the tax season, and this isn't what Wall Street anticipated.  Thus, the company shares dropped by 5.1 percent, which resulted $31.22 per share.  This is 2.5 percent lower than last year.  H&R Blocks also reported that they had 6 percent fewer U.S. tax returns during the first three quarters of  the year.

According to H&R Block, these loses were attributed to ongoing fraud and late tax filing.  When taxpayers file late, it takes longer for the company to process their returns.  The company also stated that the federal government as well as state governments were trying to find a way to combat growing instances of tax fraud.  Hopefully, this will result in changes within the tax industry.

H&R Block earnings had a loss of $81.7 million for the quarter.  This is equivalent to 35 cents per share.  The loss was just $36.9 million during the previous year.  This equates to 34 cents a share, and sales went up by 6.8 percent to $475 million.

Thursday, February 4, 2016

Tax Group To Sponsor Lottery In Future Television Ads

This may help pay taxes but this helps beat th...
This may help pay taxes but this helps beat the Axis. Stay on the job. - NARA - 534946 (Photo credit: Wikipedia)
The last massive Powerball Jackpot left many people disappointed. However, these people shouldn't worry much because H&R Block is giving the public another chance to win some cash. One-thousand individuals will have the chance to win $1000 in the H&R Block Giveaway. The drawing starts Saturday, and it will continue to run for 32 consecutive days. The entrance fee for this remarkable lottery is currently $32 per person.

Kathy Collins, the Chief Marketing Officer for H&R block is pushing this lottery to encourage early filing. Those who file their taxes in a timely manner will have a better chance of being one of the lucky winners. H&R block prepared taxes for 24 million individuals worldwide in 2014. They also gave people an incentive to save by offering 50% discounts. By combining this lottery with their other promotions, they hope to prepare even more taxes in 2016.

They are using television ads and social media platforms to promote this lottery. Two 30-second television ads are presently running at key periods throughout the day. H&R Block is also using television ads to promote their do-it-yourself filing option. For $9.99, individuals can file their own federal taxes through the company's interface.

Promoting the H&R block Giveaway inspires the team because they get to assist individuals in two ways. Not only will they try to get the maximum return for their clients, they also give them a chance to win $1000. According to Mrs Collins, they spent about the same on advertising as they spent in the previous year. Despite the cost, she still seems content with the current direction and success of the company.

Wednesday, July 22, 2015

Suretrader, The Best Option For Penny Stock Short Trading

English: Schematic representation of short sel...
English: Schematic representation of short selling in the two steps. Deutsch: Schematische Darstellung des Leerverkaufs bei Wertpapieren (short-selling) EspaƱol: La imagen representa una venta corta en dos pasos. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)
Introducing Suretrader, your best Option for Penny Stock Short Trading

A company based in the Bahamas and that uses clearing firms in the US, SureTrader offers many advantages to investors, a point that was highlighted by the company's CEO on Friday's LiveStock on Demand. So, what are those advantages?

For a start, a SureTrader client is not affected by the restrictions of the Pattern Day Trader Rule. Clients can trade in a manner that suits them, without restrictions such as being confined to three day trades in any five day rolling period.

Another benefit is that a client can trade without a high minimum threshold, such as $25k, in his account.

An additional advantage for the client is that he can open an account with SureTrader for as little as $2000, much less that many other companies require.

Brokers are aware of the increasing demand for short-sales. In SureTrader, the CEO, Guy Gentile, is determined to make the company the one stop shop for short sales.

A great boon for clients is that SureTrader charges only $4.95 per trade for trades up to 1000 shares, much less than most of our competitors.

An overwhelming advantage for our clients is that, in dealing with an offshore company, the tedious and bureaucratic procedures required in the US are sidestepped.

Wherever an international trader might be located, SureTrader is more than willing to be of service and to bring its many advantages to your trading.

To get you started, feel free to use my name as a referral. You won't regret it as you will see the many benefits coming your way very soon.

GoDaddy Hosting Files For An IPO

Growth of GoDaddy domains
Growth of GoDaddy domains (Photo credit: Wikipedia)
Just recently, GoDaddy hosting did file for an IPO, and they plan on using some of the funds from the IPO to get some of their debts paid off. They do plan on using some of the money for corporate purposes, in addition, as well. 

GoDaddy did file its regulatory filing, and when they did this, they did indicate that such things as the number of shares they plan to offer hasn't been determined. Nonetheless, this company did mention to, they plan on trying to raise some money in the vicinity of up to $100 million dollars. They did comment that this sum was just the placeholder amount. This amount was something that was subject to change. 

GoDaddy Hosting is based in Arizona and it provides a wide variety of products and services that people do need for the Internet world. Some of these products and services are no other than domain registration and web hosting plans. This company has listed Citigroup and J.P. Morgan as the official underwriters for their offering. 

This company has been in business for 17 years now. They did recently gain a lot of attention to themselves by coming up with some very edgy commercials that did have scantily dressed women in them. They did report a loss of close to $200 million dollars for the year of 2013. Their revenue did rise up though by an amazing 24%. 

Straight up to March 31st, GoDaddy did report a total booking sum of $438.5 million dollars and had close to 12 million registered customers with them. 

The founder of the company is named Bob Parsons. His investment group owns about a little more than 28% of the company's Class A stock. This information is contained in the filing that was made for the company. 

In 2011, GoDaddy was acquired for a whooping sum of $2.25 billion by KKR Co. Silver Lake. Today, they now only own, roughly about 28% of the company itself.

Tuesday, July 14, 2015

Trading PennyStocks With SureTrader

Charting is the use of graphical and analytica...
Charting is the use of graphical and analytical patterns and data to attempt to predict future prices (Photo credit: Wikipedia)
An Analysis on the Benefits of Choosing SureTrader for Penny Stock Investments

Sure Trader is an international investment company that is based in the Bahamas. The company's chief executive recently gave convincing proofs on why penny stock investors can be happier with them. Some of the qualities are highlighted below.

An investor with SureTrader does not worry about the Pattern Day Trade Rule. Hence, you can trade anytime and go beyond the 3-day trades restriction.

Another thing you stand to benefit with SureTrader is that you can have an active account with less than $25k. 

You will also be happy to find out that you can open an account with just $2000. This is a fraction of what many other companies demand. 

Sure Trader is also a place where you can be sure of selling your shorts. Investors can expect that this will last for a long time as the CEO is taking radical steps to make this a long lasting quality of his company.

Furthermore, you can pay only $4.95 per trade if you buy up to 1000 shares. This makes it one of the least expensive investment companies.

Nevertheless, as an offshore company, you are free from many of those complex US rules.

SureTrader does not care about your nationality. The company is an international one and you are free to join if your main interest is to make money.

Monday, July 6, 2015

Is Suretrader Good? Yes!

Troy A. Paredes has served as a Commissioner o...
Troy A. Paredes has served as a Commissioner of the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) since August 1, 2008. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)
The Internet has made stock trading easy for most people. However, a high percentage of Internet investors think they are entering a get rich quick scheme; hence beginner investors lose millions of dollars a year. Investors recognize the need for professional web-based training and the SureTrader brokers have risen to the challenge.

SureTrader was founded in 2008 and it is part of Swiss American Securities Ltd. Guy Gentile, the founder, based the business in the Bahamas. This means the business is regulated by the Bahamas Securities and Exchange Commission rather than the US Security and Exchange Commission. SureTrader investors are not bound by PDT (Pacific Day Trader Rule) which places restrictions on investors who have less than $25,000 on account. Furthermore, SureTrader investors don't require large amounts of money to commence trading. So, is Suretrader good? The answer is a resounding yes!

The SureTrader website is a little outdated which can make it difficult to navigate, however, the pricing is competitive. The company offer a live customer support service which can be accessed by clicking a link.

Traders who wish to sign up with SureTrader must scan proof of identity including a current utility bill and new accounts are activated in a couple of days.

SureTrader operates from three investment platforms, hence investors can check their accounts wherever they can access the Internet.

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