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The Power of Visualization by Dr. Lee Pulos

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The Power of Visualization by Dr. Lee Pulos presents an amazing technology for personal transformation. Have you ever wanted a new life, completely full of change and totally opposite from what it is now? Maybe you are aware that you desire change, but are not exactly sure of what you want. Or maybe, you know where you want to be, how you want to look, how much money you want, where you want to live, etc., but are missing the road map and set of instructions on how to make it happen.

Visualizing your success will help to manifest whatever it is you desire and turn it into a reality. Seeing is believing. All you have to do in order to paint the perfect picture is simply visualize it inside of your mind. However, you must do this each and everyday in order to make your images more concrete in the current reality.

Assume that you know what you want but do not know how to make it happen. Using visualization is one of the many tools offered in this program that will intuitively provide you with everything necessary to gain clarity and wisdom in relation to everything in your life that is missing - including direction. The key is to not worry about how you are going to get there. Simply know what you want and visualize it.

Visualization is not only the perfect tool for manifesting your dreams, but it's also great for improving your overall image and self-esteem. Maybe you have a few personal goals you would like to reach. Why not start now? The first step toward working on your goals is simply visualizing what you want. Do you want to lose 20, 30, 40, pounds? Start picturing yourself pounds lighter right now. As you focus on this image of yourself within your mind, you will subconsciously develop the motivation and gain wisdom as to what you need to do to make it happen.

As you practice various visualization techniques, you will notice day-by-day how your life begins to mold into the image you have for your life in the back of your mind. Suddenly, you'll begin seeing things different and gradually, everything you want for both yourself and your life will begin to transcend into reality. You may not notice immediate changes overnight in within your present reality. However, you will notice immediate changes occurring within both your conscious and subconscious mind.

People use visualization everyday without realizing it. Those people are usually the one's who spend a lot of time daydreaming. Although daydreaming is considered a good thing, it's not good when there is no action. The Power of Visualization by Dr. Lee Pulos will help you to not only develop a more active imagination, but help you to realize how simple it is to achieve that dream you've been after for so long. With a little bit of effort and of course, relaxation, meditation, visualization, and most of all - belief, you can achieve great things.

Please visit The Personal Development Company if you would like to learn more about The Power of Visualization principles by Dr. Lee Pulos

Friday, May 20, 2011

Small Business Loans Just Got Better

Small Business Summit 2011 Pre Event Photo 7Image by Grant Wickes via Flickr

Right now, everything seems to be in a financial mess in our country. Ask any investor and they will say it is because the stock market is having enormous down swings, fuel and other prices keep rising, housing starts are low and corporate profits are poor. All of us know that we are still in the midst of one of the greatest economic crises to happen in modern times. It seems like there is just one thing after the other that keeps going wrong. This has many of us asking if there can ever be any good news for those who own small businesses.

Small business owners are wondering if there are new ways to expand, restructure, and still save money for their operations. Money experts always will advise that no matter what size business you may own, reorganizing and cost reduction is always the first thing to look at. Cutting costs and budgeting wisely will always help you save money and help maintain a solid financial strength in these difficult times. As you know, more and more small companies are suffering from the continuous economic decline and some say that there are even more possibilities coming up for further problems. All agree on one thing, more changes need to happen in the business world before any full economic recovery will really happen.

But what many of these disgruntled small business owners may or may not know is that just recently President Obama signed the Small Business Jobs Act, which allows small business owners to get better tax breaks and easier access to credit than ever before. These changes have excellent benefits for small businesses, because now corporate lenders will be able to make small business loans again. Consider the advantage of a commercial loan to improve and expand your business and then sit back and watch your success grow in leaps and bounds.

All of these latest laws have given small business a new chance in these uncertain times. These changes are a lifeline to the small business owner and clearly one more sign that small businesses are starting to sizzle. This new bill has just closed the deal for small businesses more than any other type of loan activity since the financial crisis began because new money is now available for lending. The SBA can offer new commercial loans and small business loans because the corporate lender now have more money available than ever and is more willing to work at winning the small business owner as their customer.

Catherine C. Harris is an author who specializes in commercial lending and has a passion for SBA loans.

Thursday, May 19, 2011

Stock Carnival Ecstasy - May 19, 2011

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Welcome to the May 19, 2011 edition of Stock Carnival Ecstasy.In this edition we have 11 great stories about financial planning and investing. Alexander takes a look at Using Dividend Funds to Build Your Portfolio. We also have a post that compares Investing to Gambling in the Stock Market by Pinyo. Finally Joe Morgan explains How to Survive (and Possibly Thrive during) Stagflation. Hope you enjoy the articles, bookmark, share, tweet, and come back next time.

Alexander presents Use Dividend Funds to Build Your Portfolio posted at Dividend Stocks, saying, "Dividend funds are composed of investments that offer regular payouts. There are high dividend funds, funds comprising dividend aristocrats, and other specializations."

AndyT presents 7 Financial Tasks You Should Start Today posted at Money Destiny, saying, "Procastination is the arch enemy success, especially financial success, where time is your best friend. To that end, here are 7 financial tasks you should start today."

Mike Piper presents Assessing Your Risk Tolerance: Need and Ability posted at The Oblivious Investor, saying, "The first step in creating an investment portfolio is to assess your risk tolerance."

Pinyo presents Investing versus Gambling in the Stock Market posted at Moolanomy, saying, "Are you sure you are investing in the stock market? Here are some ways to tell if you are gambling or investing."

Billy Hart presents Investing Basics – What Are Mutual Funds And ETFs posted at inMessment - Life Investments | Stocks | ETFs | Money, saying, "This post gives a high-level view of what Mutual Funds and ETFs are. Understanding the different ways to invest goes a long way to build your confidence when investing in the stock market. There are nearly as many different options as there are people ready to give their opinion of which one is best."


Hussein Sumar presents What is a Federal Pell Grant & How to Apply for Pell Grants? posted at Pell Grant, saying, "The Federal Pell Grant program provides financial aid to low-income & need-based undergraduate and certain post-baccalaureate students to pay for college expenses. Awards from Federal Pell grants can be used at approximately 5,400 post secondary institutions across America. The Pell grant, unlike student loans, does NOT have to be repaid."

Hussein Sumar presents What Can Bankruptcy do for you and what can it Not do? posted at Chapter 7 bankruptcy, saying, "Bankruptcy is an effective tool for thousands of Americans who are struggling with all kinds of debts. However, it is important to know what type of debts bankruptcy can discharge you from (in other words what types of debts it can ‘free’ you from) and what type of debts are NOT discharged through bankruptcy."

Joe Morgan presents How to Survive (and Possibly Thrive during) Stagflation. posted at Simple Debt-Free Finance, saying, "We could be looking at a repeat of the 1970's - stagflation. High inflation and stagnant income growth present an investment challenge not seen in over a generation. Here's how to handle it."

Steve Smith presents Forex Requires Practice posted at Forex Trading System Central, saying, "Trading currencies and metals can be very risky without a good amount of knowledge, a trading system, and the use of practice account."


Hussein Sumar presents S&P 500 Dividend Aristocrats of 2011 posted at Best Dividend Stocks, saying, "The S&P 500 Dividend Aristocrats Index is the most honorable list of dividend paying stocks as measured by the S&P 500 Index that have consistently increased their dividends for the past 25 years, without missing a single dividend payment. The index measures the performance of large cap, blue-chip companies within the S&P 500 that have a market capitalization of at least $3 billion."


Steve presents Small Banks Vs. Big Banks: Which is Better for my Business posted at FastSwings, saying, "Going with the big banks was the ideal solution for small business prior to the recent financial crisis."

That concludes this edition. Submit your blog article to the next edition of stock carnival ecstasy using our carnival submission form. Past posts and future hosts can be found on our blog carnival index page.

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Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Credit Card Processing for Small Business Facts - What you Should Know

Many small businesses need to be able to accept credit cards, as a large amount of people around the world prefer to use credit cards over cash. Credit card processing for small business can actually be fairly easy, but it will require that the small business owner open a merchant account.

With online business, credit card processing for small business online is a vital part of success for these small businesses, and a merchant account is a vital part of this credit card processing. Opening a merchant account is what will permit a small business owner to process credit card payments for purchases made. A merchant account is, at its core, a bank account through which payments are routed.

A customer makes a purchase of your product using his credit card, and his payment is approved to be sent to your merchant account provider. The payment is then transferred from your merchant account provider into your account, and the credit card processing for small business is complete. This is a simplified version of the process, but it is sufficient to help anyone understand it.

Here are a few things to keep in mind when searching for credit card processing for small business:

  • Banks and other financial institutions will often offer the merchant account services, but the fees that they charge for their services are often exorbitant. Even if they are not unreasonable, they are still often higher than the average.
  • The best place to look for merchant account services is via Independent Service Organizations. These organizations are third party companies that offer services of credit card processing for small business, and they offer a lower rate than banks thanks to their relationship with credit card companies like MasterCard and Visa
  • Third party payment processors are the best choice for anyone looking to make a lot of online transactions with the least amount of headache. These processors already have their own merchant accounts opened in a financial institution, and they will handle the entire process of the transaction for you. All the payments are verified through their merchant account, and everything is handled on their end for a nominal fee.

When looking for the best merchant account provider, keep in mind:

  • Companies that have been around for many years are more likely to be honest, ethical companies that are successful due to many years of experience. Companies that are brand new often offer lower rates, but may not last long in the competitive world of online business.
  • How secure are the transactions? Many companies simply handle the transactions without worrying about the privacy and security of their clients, so it is important to find a processor that is concerned about security for their users.
  • The monthly rate is important, but the hidden fees are also important to understand. There are many fees and rates that may come as a surprise to you if you don't read the fine print and look for these hidden fees. The best companies that do credit card processing for small business ensure that the business owners are well informed of all the fees before they sign the agreement.

OJ Thomas is the VP of Veritrans LLC which is a merchant account provider that provides online credit card processing services for businesses of all sizes.

Veritrans Merchant Services
1301 Regents Park Dr, Houston, Texas 77058
(281) 474-4144

Friday, May 13, 2011

Five Ways to Rebuild Credit

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High unemployment and falling home values have wrought havoc with American families and their finances. Many people find themselves hopelessly in debt and unable to maintain financial responsibilities: bills pile up, credit scores plummet and consumers are unable to secure further credit or a mortgage because of low credit scores. The challenge is how to rebuild credit when you have been hit with so many challenges. With careful planning, the average consumer can bounce back from poor credit.

Knowing what makes up your credit score will help you make the right choices when trying to manage your credit. Credit companies look at payment history, types of credit, total debt owed vs. available credit (“balance to limit ratio”), length of time credit has been established, and new accounts and inquiries. With this in mind, here are five ways to rebuild your credit.

1. Pay on Time

Make at least the minimum payments on your account on time. Late payments negatively affect your credit score. If you miss a payment, get back on track the next month. Recent missed payments have a more negative impact than payments missed in the past. If you have trouble keeping track of payments, sign up with a free online bill payment service. This will rebuild credit plus provide documentation for payments made.

2. Don’t Max Out Your Credit Cards

Credit capacity is the percentage of your total credit that you are not using. Higher credit capacity has a positive effect on your credit. For example, Customer A has a credit limit of $10,000 and a balance of $5,000. His credit capacity is 50%. Customer B has a credit limit of $10,000 and a balance of $$9,000. His credit capacity is 10%. Customer B will have a more negative credit rating because he has used most of his available credit.

3. Get Secured Credit Cards

You can get at positive report on your credit score by using a secured credit card. Secured credit cards are issued with a low credit limit based on funds you deposit with the bank that issued the card. You cannot charge more than the funds you have on deposit. This means that payments will be lower and more manageable and you won’t go over your credit limit. Making regular, timely payments on secured cards is a good way to rebuild credit.

4. Don’t Close Old Accounts

Older account or “seasoned accounts” carry more credit clout than newly opened accounts. If you are having difficulty with older accounts, try to pay them off rather than close them. Prioritize your payments. Newer accounts with small balances should be paid off first, then focus on paying down accounts with larger balances.

5. Monitor Your Credit Reports

Look carefully for errors or omissions. For example, if a payment is shown as missed that was actually paid, you should notify the credit reporting agency of the error in writing. When the error is corrected, your score will go up. You can get free credit at This report does not count as an inquiry, so there is no negative impact on your credit score.

Noelle Towler is co-founder of Secured Credit Cards 4U and is committed to helping consumers find the best financial products to meet their needs. Secured credit cards are an excellent way for consumers to rebuild credit without risking further bad debt. The website compares secured credit cards from leading US banks.

Sunday, May 8, 2011

Win Loyalty With the Help of CRM Systems

Struktur des Open Source CRM XRMSImage via Wikipedia

As you know loyalty cannot be bought but can be won. When you have major company you need to win the trust of your clients and to do so you need to produce and make quality product. You also need to have quality service and more specially quality communication with them.

To win the loyalty of your clients you will need to offer them everything that they need from you – quality products and quality service. To have quality products you will need to use quality materials as for the quality service you will need help. The tool that will help you achieve this is the CRM system.

The CRM system can be met under two types – software and web-based. They both do the work they are intended to do but there are few differences which you need to know before start looking for a CRM system for you.

The software type of the CRM system is called remote because the database of the system is located on a remote server in your company. So to have this type of system you will need to buy a server on which the system should be installed. This will cost you some amount of money but if you want this type of CRM system you will have to make this sacrifice. The other thing that you will need to pay is the service for installation and support and for any upgrade needed to properly run the system. Once you provide these things you are ready to get the work started. You can access the system from your personal office computer and from it you can manage and edit any information for each client.

The other type of CRM system is called web-based because the server of the system is hosted on remote server. For this type of CRM system you will only pay for the service that is provided from the company. The advantage of this type of CRM system is that you can access the database from every device which can support internet connection and a web browser. So practically this means that you can access the system from everywhere at any time which is very good advantage as with the other method you can access the system only if you are on the local network of the server.

Both systems are very good but with great powers come great responsibility. All the information which is submitted by the server should be protected at any cost. And if you choose the remote type of CRM system you will need to take care of the security of your data. But if you use the services of a CRM company you will not take the responsibility if any information is lost, stolen or leaked. Depending on your business and the environment you are working in, you will decide which is the best CRM system for you.

Lyuben Georgiev works for one of the leading developers of CRM software - webCRM. In addition to that, he also writes for popular business and marketing blogs such as Marketing Best Practices and RINF.

Friday, May 6, 2011

Five Ways to Get New Clients

A patient having his blood pressure taken by a...Image via Wikipedia

Every dentist knows that in order for one’s practice to thrive, one must always keep thinking about getting new patients. Although having old, loyal patients can and should never be underestimated, the fact remains that having more patients is always the most ideal scenario. It is always possible for any dentist, regardless of the size of his or her practice, to get new patients. It’s all about making the entire experience enjoyable and convenient for the new patient.

1. Answering Your New Patient’s Call

In the process of looking for a dental clinic, new patients will often phone the clinic. Answering this phone call is crucial to getting that patient onboard. First, you need to train your team to answer phone calls in a very professional and confident manner. New patients will often use this opportunity to size up the dental clinic and hearing a cheerful yet sensible person on the other end of the line will help make a good impression. The process of scheduling appointments through phone calls should be easy and clear.

2. Designing a Unique Dental Website

In this era, people have become so reliant on the internet that some people just ditch the entire idea of scheduling dental appointment by phone and expect to set schedules through the World Wide Web. A dentist has no other choice than to be responsive to this. There are two factors that must be remembered when designing dental websites. First, the site should look professional. Patients base their judgments on a clinic that they have never been to according to how put-together its website is. Secondly, the website should be designed so that scheduling appointments are made easy and simple.

3. Proper Patient Orientation

Aside from the quality of dental services rendered, almost often the main reason for why patients choose one dental clinic over the other has to do with rapport. The patient’s first trip to the dental clinic is the most crucial time to build rapport. Instead of giving them a whole pile of forms to fill up, the dentist and the staff should try to establish trust right then and there. This can be done in a few simple ways like greeting the patient warmly upon arrival and showing interest in the patient’s life by asking a few candid questions about the patient’s family, hobbies and other interests.

4. Understanding the Patient’s Financial Status

Because of the recession, patients are not that eager to agree to treatments especially for larger cases. This is why a dentist’s job is to make things budget-friendly for the patient. For instance, phased treatments can be suggested for larger cases and an option of outside financing should be on the table.

5. Follow-up

For patients who have yet to agree to the treatments prescribed by the dentists, follow-up calls should be made. This will make it seem like the dentist is really eager to help a patient out on his Linkdental dilemma. A front desk staff can be tasked to ask the patient when it would be the best time to call with regards to scheduling a new appointment.

Elliot Pearson Writes as a specialist for Dentist Identity who provides Dental Marketing and Dental SEO

Thursday, May 5, 2011

Stock Carnival Ecstasy - May 5, 2011

Just Ad StupidityImage by docpi via Flickr

Welcome to the May 5, 2011 edition of Stock Carnival Ecstasy.This time we have 19 great articles on investing and taxes. The Dividend Growth Investor has an article on Phillip Morris International and Dividend Macro Trends. Alexander takes a look at Big Cap Tech with Dividends. While Steve has some tips on choosing investments wisely. And finally we have a post on Automated Forex Trading and the risks involved by Tommy John. Hope you enjoy the carnival, bookmark, share, like, and come back for more great investment advice.

Pinyo presents How Much House Can I Afford? posted at Moolanomy, saying, "With the mortgage rates at their all time lows and the housing market still favoring buyers, this may be a good time to buy. But how could you tell how much house you can really afford and that you’ll be ready for homeownership?"

calandra presents housing loan calculator | Home Equity Loan Calculator posted at calandra, saying, "Tһе Model T Ford used tο bе tһе paradigm οf travel many decades ago. Tһеח came tһе Mustang. Same wіtһ trying tο figure уουr mortgage loan facts. Pen аחԁ document versus a housing loan calculator. Yουr сһοісе? Tһіѕ іѕ one time common sense doesn’t even enter tһе picture."

Rich D. presents Inherited IRA Rules posted at IRA Rules, saying, "Inherited IRA rules may not be as simple as Roth IRA rules but it's still important to invest time if you want to get returns out of your inherited IRA account."

Wez Brown presents Setting Up A Small Business posted at Setting Up, saying, "If you are thinking of starting your own business, this article provides an overview of the things that you need to consider."

Ben Lewis presents 3 Things You Must Do When You Go Self Employed posted at Being Self Employed Feed Update, saying, "This article tells you about the 3 things you need to do when you get self employed."


Hussein Sumar presents What is a Federal Pell Grant & How to Apply for Pell Grants? posted at Pell Grant, saying, "The Federal Pell Grant program provides financial aid to low-income & need-based undergraduate and certain post-baccalaureate students to pay for college expenses. Awards from Federal Pell grants can be used at approximately 5,400 post secondary institutions across America. The Pell grant, unlike student loans, does NOT have to be repaid."

Jeff Weber presents New Chase Sapphire 5 Times the Points Promotion posted at Smart Balance Transfers, saying, "I recently got an email from Chase offering 5% rewards on my Sapphire card. This appears to be a limited promotion, but if you have a Sapphire card, call customer service and see if you can snag this lucrative deal."

Steve presents Tax Deductibles for Internet Marketers | 2009 Taxes posted at 2009 Taxes, saying, "Running an online business has many tax advantages that everyone involved should partake."


Dividend Growth Investor presents Philip Morris International (PM) Dividend Stock Analysis posted at Dividend Growth Investor, saying, "Philip Morris International Inc. (PM), through its subsidiaries, engages in the manufacture and sale of cigarettes and other tobacco products in markets outside of the United States. The company was spun off from Altria Group (MO) in 2008, in an effort to separate the international operations of the tobacco conglomerate from potential harmful litigation in the US."

Dividend Growth Investor presents Dividend Macro trends: The Baby Boomer Retirement Investment posted at Dividend Growth Investor, saying, "Philip Morris International Inc. (PM), through its subsidiaries, engages in the manufacture and sale of cigarettes and other tobacco products in markets outside of the United States. The company was spun off from Altria Group (MO) in 2008, in an effort to separate the international operations of the tobacco conglomerate from potential harmful litigation in the US."

Alexander presents Big Cap Tech Dividend Plays posted at Dividend Stocks, saying, "Microsoft and Intel are two stocks that haven’t moved much in the last 1-5 years."

Darwin presents Day-Trading is a Total Scam. Don’t Fall For the Pitch posted at Darwin's Money, saying, "I know, I hate to break it to a bunch of investors, but day trading's a scam. Don't believe the hype."

Steve presents How to Choose Your Investments Wisely posted at - Steve Patterson, saying, "Picking the right investment vehicle is vital to your trading success."

Mike presents How to make money in the stock market posted at Planned Freedom.


Judy Blackburn presents Five Strategies to Avoid the Student Debt Trap posted at Debt Consolidation, saying, "Selecting an appropriate school for your budget will keep you from having too much debt for your income when you finish your degree."

Tommy John presents Understanding the IRA Tax Rule | 2010 Taxes posted at 2010Taxes, saying, "Knowing when you can fund an IRA and the tax benefits you can claim are vital to your retirement planning."

Steve Smith presents Automated Forex Trading Means Risk posted at Forex Trading System Central, saying, "Forex Trading with automated services is quite popular but you really need to understand the trades and know what the software will do to avoid many risks."

Steve presents IRS Becomes More Lenient in Light of Recession | 2009 Taxes posted at 2009 Taxes, saying, "The IRS has stopped placing liens on property owners to give them more flexibility in their financial decisions."


Ken Faulkenberry presents Stocks, ETFs, and Mutual Funds: What are the Best Investment Vehicles? posted at Arbor Asset Allocation Model Portfolio (AAAMP) Blog, saying, "Part of asset allocation investing involves deciding what is the best or optimal mix of investment vehicles; stocks, ETFs, or Mutual Funds?"

That concludes this edition. Submit your blog article to the next edition of stock carnival ecstasy using our carnival submission form. Past posts and future hosts can be found on our blog carnival index page.

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The Security Needs of Different Entities

Security guardImage via Wikipedia

It is a want and a need of every person to be safe. However, that safety often comes with measures beyond practicing good judgment. Many times it's important to pay for added protection. The world of protection changes based upon the different needs of the individual of business. What is enough to satisfy the individual might not be enough to provide adequate protection for the small company or the Fortune 500 corporation. Here is a look at the different security measures available.

Individual Security Measures

  • Uses home security systems
  • Takes smaller measures for computer and automobile protection
  • Affordability often dictates measures used

For the individual it's important to be protected in all areas. For many the best choice of action is the home security systems. These systems effectively monitor the house by using a remote service. If there is a break in a signal is sent to a remote company that will notify the proper authorities. In many cases this is a monthly paid service.

For protection of secondary items such as the car and the computer, there are alarms and protection software respectively. However, in a three phases of the individuals protection, the cost tends to trump need. If a person feels like they can comfortably afford it then they are more likely to buy. However, if it might be above their comfortable cost then they are likely to bypass it.

Small Business Security Measures

  • Often similar to the individual
  • Make take further measures in order to protect profits
  • Price is not as much of a concern

For the small business the needs can vary from a lot of different factors. Many small businesses are operated out of the owner's home or at a store front. For these types of settings there isn't much more required in terms of protection than the home security systems. However, small businesses may make upgrades to their protection, like installing surveillance cameras as well as hiring a personal security guard if they feel that the security they are using might not protect their profits.

The perfect example is the local “mom & pop” store where they feel like the use of surveillance equipment might protect them against fall accident claims that dishonest customers might file. For the inherent advantages that security can provide to a business there isn't much concern over the amount of money that is needed to be spent. While it must be kept within an appropriate range it can be more than an individual pays.

Large Corporation

  • Security measures are vast and expansive
  • Often requires in house security teams
  • Builds cost into the cost model for their business

The large corporations have an enormous need to protect themselves and their shareholders. With this in mind there are often incredible security measures taken that far exceed that of the small business and the individual. Many companies will outfit their offices with top of the line security and surveillance systems. In the case of sensitive material on the lap top or desktops they are often monitored by computer companies that can track illegal entry into the system.

Many companies will work with private security firms or hire their own in house security team to insure that all security and best business practices are being followed. This includes the monitoring of employees as well as email surveillance. It's not just limited to theft but also in the security of the customer business relationship.

While the cost of these measures can be high, these corporations build in the cost into their business model. They see it as a necessary expense they way that payroll and raw materials are a fixed expense.

Article by BuyerZone. BuyerZone is a leading online service provider that connects buyers and suppliers for a range of services and equipment such as home alarm systems.

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