Friday, May 6, 2011

Five Ways to Get New Clients

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Every dentist knows that in order for one’s practice to thrive, one must always keep thinking about getting new patients. Although having old, loyal patients can and should never be underestimated, the fact remains that having more patients is always the most ideal scenario. It is always possible for any dentist, regardless of the size of his or her practice, to get new patients. It’s all about making the entire experience enjoyable and convenient for the new patient.

1. Answering Your New Patient’s Call

In the process of looking for a dental clinic, new patients will often phone the clinic. Answering this phone call is crucial to getting that patient onboard. First, you need to train your team to answer phone calls in a very professional and confident manner. New patients will often use this opportunity to size up the dental clinic and hearing a cheerful yet sensible person on the other end of the line will help make a good impression. The process of scheduling appointments through phone calls should be easy and clear.

2. Designing a Unique Dental Website

In this era, people have become so reliant on the internet that some people just ditch the entire idea of scheduling dental appointment by phone and expect to set schedules through the World Wide Web. A dentist has no other choice than to be responsive to this. There are two factors that must be remembered when designing dental websites. First, the site should look professional. Patients base their judgments on a clinic that they have never been to according to how put-together its website is. Secondly, the website should be designed so that scheduling appointments are made easy and simple.

3. Proper Patient Orientation

Aside from the quality of dental services rendered, almost often the main reason for why patients choose one dental clinic over the other has to do with rapport. The patient’s first trip to the dental clinic is the most crucial time to build rapport. Instead of giving them a whole pile of forms to fill up, the dentist and the staff should try to establish trust right then and there. This can be done in a few simple ways like greeting the patient warmly upon arrival and showing interest in the patient’s life by asking a few candid questions about the patient’s family, hobbies and other interests.

4. Understanding the Patient’s Financial Status

Because of the recession, patients are not that eager to agree to treatments especially for larger cases. This is why a dentist’s job is to make things budget-friendly for the patient. For instance, phased treatments can be suggested for larger cases and an option of outside financing should be on the table.

5. Follow-up

For patients who have yet to agree to the treatments prescribed by the dentists, follow-up calls should be made. This will make it seem like the dentist is really eager to help a patient out on his Linkdental dilemma. A front desk staff can be tasked to ask the patient when it would be the best time to call with regards to scheduling a new appointment.

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