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The Security Needs of Different Entities

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It is a want and a need of every person to be safe. However, that safety often comes with measures beyond practicing good judgment. Many times it's important to pay for added protection. The world of protection changes based upon the different needs of the individual of business. What is enough to satisfy the individual might not be enough to provide adequate protection for the small company or the Fortune 500 corporation. Here is a look at the different security measures available.

Individual Security Measures

  • Uses home security systems
  • Takes smaller measures for computer and automobile protection
  • Affordability often dictates measures used

For the individual it's important to be protected in all areas. For many the best choice of action is the home security systems. These systems effectively monitor the house by using a remote service. If there is a break in a signal is sent to a remote company that will notify the proper authorities. In many cases this is a monthly paid service.

For protection of secondary items such as the car and the computer, there are alarms and protection software respectively. However, in a three phases of the individuals protection, the cost tends to trump need. If a person feels like they can comfortably afford it then they are more likely to buy. However, if it might be above their comfortable cost then they are likely to bypass it.

Small Business Security Measures

  • Often similar to the individual
  • Make take further measures in order to protect profits
  • Price is not as much of a concern

For the small business the needs can vary from a lot of different factors. Many small businesses are operated out of the owner's home or at a store front. For these types of settings there isn't much more required in terms of protection than the home security systems. However, small businesses may make upgrades to their protection, like installing surveillance cameras as well as hiring a personal security guard if they feel that the security they are using might not protect their profits.

The perfect example is the local “mom & pop” store where they feel like the use of surveillance equipment might protect them against fall accident claims that dishonest customers might file. For the inherent advantages that security can provide to a business there isn't much concern over the amount of money that is needed to be spent. While it must be kept within an appropriate range it can be more than an individual pays.

Large Corporation

  • Security measures are vast and expansive
  • Often requires in house security teams
  • Builds cost into the cost model for their business

The large corporations have an enormous need to protect themselves and their shareholders. With this in mind there are often incredible security measures taken that far exceed that of the small business and the individual. Many companies will outfit their offices with top of the line security and surveillance systems. In the case of sensitive material on the lap top or desktops they are often monitored by computer companies that can track illegal entry into the system.

Many companies will work with private security firms or hire their own in house security team to insure that all security and best business practices are being followed. This includes the monitoring of employees as well as email surveillance. It's not just limited to theft but also in the security of the customer business relationship.

While the cost of these measures can be high, these corporations build in the cost into their business model. They see it as a necessary expense they way that payroll and raw materials are a fixed expense.

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