Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Mini Bio: Peter Jones Entrepreneur Extraordinaire

British entrepreneur Peter Jones started his business ventures from an extremely early age. With his penchant for seeing opportunity where others may not, he has pursued many ventures and has failed in some, but also succeeded in many others. With an interest in mobile phones, computers, property and media, there just nothing Peter Jones refuses to try.

Early Years

Raised in Maidenhead, Peter attended several schools but it was at The Windsor Boys School that he discovered his talent for tennis. He began giving tennis lessons and by the age of 16 the young entrepreneur had his first introduction to business success with his tennis academy. By 21 he was married to Caroline Jones, and the owner of his first home.


Starting his computer company early on, Peter began making PC’s under his own brand. Still somewhat of a party boy in his mid twenties, Jones ventured into the nightlife market and opened a bar based on the hugely popular movie, ‘Cocktail’, starring Tom Cruise. The Windsor based bar didn’t do too well and Peter cut his losses while he could, unfortunately he lost £200,000 when selling the business. Still learning the business side of company operations, Jones’ computer company floundered and he was forced to give-up his home and move back in with his parents. Still deciding where to from there he then found a job with Siemens, but believed he was destined for bigger things and undertook to pursue his dream, once again.

Jones then started up his Phones International Group, but because finances weren’t too abundant he rented an office and slept on the floor to save money. Before he knew it, the business started growing and expanded exponentially and his first year’s revenue totalled £14 million. Twelve years down the line, the Phones International Group is one of the top growing companies in Europe with an annual turnover of £150 million.

Television Appearances

For those who can’t put a face to the name, Peter Jones has made appearances on several popular television programs. He’s appeared on Dragons Den and he proved to be particularly popular so he returned for the show’s seventh season.

Not to be outdone on any business front Peter tried his hand at producing television content and sold his show “The Inventor” to the American Broadcasting Company. The show, co-produced by television legend Simon Cowell, was a roaring success. Peter Jones featured as a judge and the success of “The Inventor” put ABC ahead of all rival networks.

Peter had made appearances on other shows such as Tycoon, Hustle, and Top Gear, to name a few. His passion for success has seen him trying his hand at all areas of business be it corporate or show business, whichever way one looks at it, Peter Jones is a natural talent in both arenas.

Recent Years

Still on top of the business game, Peter has invested in several more companies and expanded his portfolio to include Red Letter Days, Wines4Business.com, The Generating Company and several magazines.

Jones most recently started the Peter Jones Enterprise academy as a way of introducing, and assisting entrepreneurs to polish their business skills.

As a car-mad person Jones has also expanded his car collection to include a Maybach 57 to add to his already huge car collection. Never short of wheels Peter Jones could easily start his own classic car company, then again he probably will when he’s run out of companies to build, or conquer.

Vida Denning enjoys writing on a wide variety of topics including successful enterprises operating out of serviced offices city and towns throughout the UK. Vida first started writing in an office to rent, but eventually moved to her home office.

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