Thursday, July 30, 2009

Stock Market Fast Swings from - July 30, 2009

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Welcome to the July 30, 2009 edition of Stock Market Fast Swings from the current financial crisis lingering for longer than most expected, Rohit presents some lessons that we can all learn once again about personal finance. Jonathan presents some great information on knowing your rights when credit collection agencies are calling or knocking on your door. And Steve Patterson presents reasoning behind purchasing Goldman Sachs a couple of weeks ago even as the stock had rallied significantly.

Rohit presents 5 personal finance lessons we all should re-learn from the present financial crisis posted at eMoneyLog, saying, "My thoughts on how one can avoid the adverse effects of a recessions by using some of the things they already know."

investment ideals

Master Your Card presents For Love Or Money? | Master Your Card posted at Master Your Card, saying, "I’ve been in a bit of a Jane Austen reading mode lately, mostly Pride and Prejudice as it’s one of my favorites. But, in reading the books and watching the films, it struck me that we’ve come a long way in terms of marriage. In Austen’s time, marriage was simply a business arrangement. People married for money and the family connections it provided, very often foregoing any sort of affection for one another. The result was infidelity."

Jonathan from Debt Loans presents Are debt collection agencies knocking on your door? Know your rights! | Debt Loans posted at Debt Loans, saying, "Many unfortunate circumstances can lead to non-repayment of a debt, such as illnesses, emergencies and other such disasters. While lenders do have a legal right to pursue a debtor, the debtor is protected from undue harassment and bullying from debt collectors."


KCLau presents The only financial company who knows the power of social media posted at KCLau's Money Tips, saying, "there are always many methods to get free traffic and leads to your website. Beside search traffic, another major source of traffic is social media. There is one company who knows how to make use of social media – ROCKWILLS"


MoneyNing presents 401k Plans and My Contribution posted at Money Ning, saying, "The good and the bad of 401k plans and how you should contribute your retirement savings."

James Williamson presents Cheap Stock Trading: How to Buy Penny Stocks Online posted at Spare Dollars.

Steve Patterson presents FastSwings - Blogs - Why I Purchased Goldman Sachs (GS) Friday posted at FastSwings, saying, "Goldman looked pretty good a week ago but has fallen back a little this week. Should exceed the market with the next rally."

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