Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Google: Behind the Numbers

It would probably come as no surprise to learn that Google’s annual revenue increases each year and arguably the most popular site on the internet. In 2010, Google’s revenue was more than $29 billion. One would have to combine the GDPs of the world’s 28 poorest countries to reach this amount. The vast majority of this revenue comes from advertising, with only 3% coming from other products and services. An increasingly high number is expected to come from mobile advertisements.

Several factors make this high revenue possible. This popular search engine gathers one billion unique visitors each month. That is one in every seven people on the entire planet. These people spend 200 billion minutes each month on Google. That would mean that each visitor spends 200 minutes there each month, on average. Google’s expansion into email, social networking and other services has made the website even more popular.

From: Business MBA

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  1. Hey Fast,

    nice post, only one thing - you are making the common mistake of comparing company REVENUE to national INCOME (GDP).

    You would have to compare Google's (already impressive) EARNINGS against that of other countries.

    Net income of $9.7bn places Google at 152 on the CIA World Factbook rankings, just after the Bahamas and larger than about 70 countries and territories (though several of the lower ranked locations are not "countries" but overseas territories of larger nations, like the island of Jersey).

    Still, Google's GDP is not larger than that of 28 poorest countries combined. To do a similar comparison you would have to have a comparison of gross transactions. Don't know where this is available.


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