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The Best Businesses of 2011

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The 2009 financial meltdown is the greatest crisis the corporate world has seen since the Great Depression of 1929. Many businesses went under and were utterly destroyed, some are still staggering from the effects of the depression. Some were not heavily inflicted and have withstood the tough times. These are the best businesses of the year which are showing great signs of recovery. The year 2010 was the recovery period where many companies and businesses were nursing wounds afflicted by the crisis. I can therefore bet the best businesses of 2011.

Google Inc
Google is an American public corporate that has highly invested in web search, cloud computing, and advertising. Google has developed very many internet based services and other technology products. It generates profit primarily from advertising from advertising through
its Ad Words program.

The net income for the last quarter, which ended on 31st December 2010, increased by 9% to almost $2.5 billion. This translates to about $8 per share. This is a remarkable achievement for Google compared to the $2 billion or $6 per share in the quarter of 2009. Its annual turnover
rose by a stunning 25%, from $6.6 billion to $8.44. The sites owned by Google contributed about 68% of the sales while other affiliated websites accounted for the remaining 22% of the
income. Most of the income was mainly from the US, followed by the United Kingdom and then the rest of the world. The paid clicks on the special ads viewed on affiliated sites grew by 17.9% compared to 11.1% in the previous year. The mean cost per click also rose by more than 4% compared to the previous year. In all of the year 2010, the net income for Google grew by 30% from$6.5 billion to $8.5 billion and its revenue increased by over 20% from $24 billion to almost $30 billion. Also Google shares rose in value by almost 2% that is $12, in the after-hours trade just after releasing of the financial figures.

AT&T Inc

AT&T is the biggest provider of telephone services in America. It also provides high speed broadband services as well as television subscription services. AT&T headquarters are situated in Dallas, Texas. As of 2010, it had more than 100 million mobile customers. Forbes magazine listed it as the 14th largest company by world market value. It is also recognized as one of the leading worldwide providers of IP-based communications services to businesses. AT&T also has the fastest mobile nation's fastest mobile broadband network and the largest international coverage of any U.S. wireless carrier, offering the most phones that work in the most countries plus the largest Wi-Fi network in the United States based on branded and operated hotspots; and the largest number of total broadband connections in the United States.

AT&T also has the exclusive rights to carry the iPhone and the choice carrier for the iPad. This helped the company by protecting it from its competitors like Verizon Wireless. AT&T gets more than 39% of its sales from its wireless operations. With the more than 5 million users of the iPhone AT&T definitely has an edge over its competitors and boosted its earnings. AT&T's earnings were also largely boosted by the radical cost cutting measures it took to survive the financial crisis.

As of the last quarter in 2010, it earned $3 billion, meaning 50 cents per share. In the previous year at the same period, the company made $2.39 billion, or 40 cents per share. The turnover for the last quarter registered a small drop of about 0.69% to about $31 billion due to weak sales in one of its local phone business.

General Electric

General Electric is an American corporation whose global headquarters are in Fairfield, Connecticut. The company has diversified and has five subsidiaries: Technology, Energy, Capital Finance, NBC and Consumer and industrial. Forbes magazine ranks it as the 3rd largest company based on its assets, profits and sales. The company has more than 250,000 employees worldwide

The company was greatly affected by the global economic crisis and made very huge losses in 2009. However the company’s fortunes have now turned around and its financial performance has greatly increased. It has come through better and a lot wiser.

In the year 2010, its growth was sustained and grew despite of the effects of the poor economy. Its earnings increased by almost 15%. Its capital earnings rebounded sharply and the company’s dividends doubled. The stock price also shot up to 21%. General Electric (GE) corporation earned $14,200,000,000 in profits in 2010, although for two consecutive years in a row the company has not paid federal taxes. The year 2011 is looking great for the company as the economy is showing signs of improvement.

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