Monday, October 15, 2012

Google Earnings Release October 2012

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In a few days time Google will release its quarterly earnings. The figures are due to be delivered on the 18TH October as the market closes for trading. Larry Page the Chief Executive Officer of Google has already intimated that the company has had a highly successful three months and that profits are up by around 24%. Page is happy to report that the gambles they took concerning YouTube, Android and Chrome have indeed paid dividends. This means that the latest google earnings release will be welcome news for its investors.

Google behind the numbers:  In the main the majority of the vast sum of money that is earned every year comes from publicising. Around one billion people use the giant search engine every month; in real terms this means that one person out of seven uses Google on a regular basis. Thinking again in terms of google behind the numbers - add up the time that is spent using the giant search engine and it is in excess of two hundred billion minutes a year. Google consumes mammoth amounts of electricity, somewhere in the region of two hundred and sixty million watts per year.

The Board of Directors were happy to give the go ahead to a proposed stock dividend; this means that the company as a whole can concentrate on its long term goals. As the google earnings release draws ever closer it is time for investors to realise that they have a stake in an exciting company. Google has stood by its promise and it has improved people's lives.  Technology may still be in its infancy but Google has a lot more to offer in the future.

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