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Stock Carnival Ecstasy - April 23, 2013

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Welcome to the April 23, 2013 edition of Stock Carnival Ecstasy.In this edition of the carnival we start with an article by Bill Smith on checking your tax refund status online with the IRS. John Schmoll has a great Scottrade review on his blog Frugal Rules. Vytas looks at making a fortune when the trends change. Hope you like all the articles, bookmark, share on Facebook, Tweet on Twitter and come back next time.


Bill Smith presents Checking Your Tax Refund Status After Using TurboTax 2013 posted at 2010Taxes, saying, "After filing your taxes with TurboTax 2013, you’ll immediately begin wondering about the status of your refund."

Bill Smith
presents TurboTax Fights Filing Reform posted at 2011 Tax, saying, "TurboTax 2013 would have suffered a clear loss of revenue by implementation of this plan."

John Schmoll
presents Online Brokerages I Use: Scottrade Review posted at Frugal Rules, saying, "There are many outlets for your choosing if you want to invest in the stock market. They all have their features that set them apart. Find the one that fits your needs for overall investing as well as investing for your retirement needs."

Bill Smith
presents United Way Offers Free Tax Preparation To Qualified Earners posted at 2012 Tax - Free Tax Filing Options, saying, "It is that time of year again; time to get out your tax documents, records, and W2s and do your taxes."

Bill Smith
presents The Benefits Of Using TurboTax 2013 To File Your Taxes posted at 2012 Taxes - Free Tax Filing Options, saying, "If you have never used Turbo Tax before, you need to consider filing your taxes with this computer program this year."


Vytas presents Fortunes are made when trends change posted at Trend, saying, "Markets present a lot of opportunities for short term, intermediate term and long term traders when specific market conditions appear for those who use appropriate trading system for specific market conditions. It is of uttermost importance for those who monitor market swings and trends to capture a change in the trend at the very inception of it, enter position or line of positions and then take a good bite off the move which follows."

Bill Smith
presents Top Tax Scams To Avoid With Turbo Tax 2013 posted at 2014 Taxes, saying, "Using Turbo Tax 2013 is a good way to avoid tax scams in the first place, seeing as how you can e-file your paperwork with confidence that it will go directly to the IRS."

That concludes this edition. Submit your blog article to the next edition of stock carnival ecstasy using our carnival submission form. Past posts and future hosts can be found on our blog carnival index page.

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