Wednesday, October 18, 2017

Netflix Original Content Popular With Customers

Netflix has integrated its streaming player in...
Netflix has integrated its streaming player in many consumer electronics devices including the XBox 360 (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Costs for Nexflix Original Content to rise drastically

Netflix is demonstrating that customer growth is increasingly rapidly, particularly in the international sector. However, the company may faces one of its greatest challenges yet, moving forward.

This year Netflix earned 20 Emmies. Much of the firm's success comes from the investments it has made in original content shows. Some popular titles like "The Crown,"Daredevil," and "Marco Polo" help draw new customers in and get them to sign up for memberships. But it comes at a cost. The company plans to spend between seven and 8 billion dollars in the next 12 months. Making original shows and earning awards is costly, but also important to the growth of the streaming video provider.

Earlier this year, a company representative said spending the amount Netflix does on original content is necessary, to stay competitive and continue offering award winning shows. The spokesperson also said that while agreements with other media companies is important, the future of the company's success focuses on original content, which has gained wide popularity and tends to make customers happier with their service.

Netflix officials are confident they can continue to grow the company globally, by offering more original content shows like those that have become so popular among viewers around the world. The next challenge is to determine how to please viewers around the world, with original content shows that will appeal to various cultures. As long as the company continues to gain new members to defray costs of Netflix Original Content, the company will continue to do well.

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