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Stock Carnival Ecstasy - July 28, 2011

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Welcome to the July 28, 2011 edition of Stock Carnival Ecstasy.This time we have 19 great articles on a variety of topics. Alexander starts us off with a look at Dividend Paying Stocks. Michael Donelly writes about the US dollar being in danger of an imminent collapse, even after several years of declines. For a look at past and upcoming technology IPOs, we have Colin J. Lokey's article. Steve presents Investment Strategies for Women. And finally Steve Smith likes the Euro/Swiss Franc Relations in Forex. Hope you enjoy the material, bookmark, share, like and tweet to all your friends.

Alexander presents Why Choose Dividend Paying Stocks posted at Dividend Stocks, saying, "Many people wonder why dividend paying stocks make such good investments. After all, it doesn’t seem like much to be paid a few cents a share."

Michael Donelly presents Is the US dollar in danger of an imminent collapse? posted at, saying, "For many years the US dollar has been considered as the world’s leading currency. Even today the dollar is world’s reserve currency which means that many other governments keep their savings in dollars. But the recent crisis hit the US hard and this situation might change. The US economy used to be the dominant but many economists believe that China’s economy will become number one in the world by year 2020......"


Nathan Richardson presents What Is A Good Credit Score To Buy A House posted at Deals & Tips, saying, "When buying a home, it's important life-changing decision that requires a good credit score to save money. Sometimes it makes since to wait until your improve your credit score."

Joe Morgan presents Insider behavior during corrections speaks volumes. posted at After Hours Investing, saying, "One blogger's reason for buying gold now, as well as a good overview of how to do it in your IRA. Food for thought."

Kyle Taylor presents Make Money Answering Text Messages posted at The Penny Hoarder.


Colin J. Lokey presents As Investors Await Facebook IPO, LinkedIn and Groupon Look to Cash In posted at, saying, "As investors eagerly await Facebook's IPO, Groupon and LinkedIn hope to capitalize on social-networking mania by floating two high-profile IPOs. Should investor's take the bait?"

Maxim Kazawy presents Best Dividend-Paying Stocks in the Technology & Semiconductor Sectors posted at Best Dividend Stocks, saying, "The technology sector does not have the highest dividend paying stocks that we would see from Utilities, Telecommunications or Oil & Energy companies. However due to slowing demand for Personal Computers & Semiconductors (which are the brains of computers), PC manufacturers such as IBM or Intel & Semiconductor makers such as Linear Tech Corp or Texas Instruments are wanting to reward their shareholders just for holding their shares; by paying dividends."

stefanz presents Successful selling - Skuzet - Investing, do it yourself posted at skuzet, saying, "Find articles about investment strategy, investment risk, technical analysis, valuation methods and investment products. Use of investment tools and our online calculation tools."

Maxim Kazawy presents Best Dividend-Paying Stocks in Master Limited Partnership (MLPs) Sector posted at Highest Dividend Paying Stocks, saying, "MLPs also have favorable tax structures from the Government and are popular among retiree investors looking for solid dividend distributions as well as lowering their tax liability. In this article, we will go over some of the highest dividend paying stocks in the Master Limited Partnerships (MLP) sector."

Jason Price presents How Long Should You Invest In The Stock Market? posted at One Money Design, saying, "What does the market's history tell us about how long we should invest in it?"

Maxim Kazawy presents Highest Dividend Paying Aristocrat Stocks in Beverage Industry posted at Highest Dividend Paying Stocks, saying, "The market value of top 3 beverage companies in the world exceeds $280 billion. These dividend paying aristocrats are PepsiCo, Coca Cola & Brown Forman. All 3 companies are in the S&P 500 Dividend Aristocrats Index meaning they have consistently raised their dividends every year for the last 25 years, without missing a single year."

Steve presents Investment Strategies for Women posted at FastSwings, saying, "Woman today need to understand and control their money investments including stocks, funds, real estate and possibly Forex."

Hemant Beniwal presents Indian ETF Guide posted at The Financial Literates, saying, "ETF as an investment concept has failed in India. The introductory stride has been lost. Even with 10 years of existence in Indian markets they have not able to make any space in investor’s portfolio."


MM presents Dissemination of News from Lake Wobegon posted at black swans & white crows.

Steve Smith presents Taking Advantage of Euro/Swiss Franc Relations in Forex posted at Forex Trading System Central, saying, "As far as Forex trading is concerned, there exists one relationship between currencies of which every Forex trader should know before actually to start trading."

Alexander presents Choosing Dividend Stocks With Cash Flow posted at Dividend Stocks, saying, "When it comes to choosing a dividend stock, many of us are tempted to look solely at items like dividend yield or dividend growth."

Jackson presents Do I Need a Tax Consultant? posted at 2009 Tax, saying, "Getting the largest tax refund might involve finding a qualified tax consultant if you are unsure of how to take certain deductions that are new on your return this season."

Steve presents A Tax Consultant Can Help You Save on Your Taxes | 2009 Taxes posted at 2009 Taxes, saying, "If you are busy running a small to mid-sized business, your time is better spent working on the business than working on your taxes."

Judy Blackburn presents How To Put Some Extra Spending Cash in Your Pocket posted at Debt Consolidation, saying, "Earning some extra income is important when you are trying to reduce your outstanding debt and get your personal balance sheet in better order. Try building a website, doing property management or consulting in a field you understand."

That concludes this edition. Submit your blog article to the next edition of stock carnival ecstasy using our carnival submission form. Past posts and future hosts can be found on our blog carnival index page.

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