Thursday, April 27, 2017

Using Uber for Your Travel Needs

Uber is one of the great new startups in America that allows anyone with a cell phone, a valid driver's license and auto insurance, a clean driving record and a clean vehicle to startup their own self-contracting service and make some additional money on the side.  A lot of good people who fit these requirements have found that putting in a few hours each week as an Uber driver has not only helped them with making some additional money to pay bills or save up for that special something, but it's also provided more Uber drivers available for hire in the country. 

I have personally used the Uber service all over the country and it has always been more convenient, easier and cheaper than using a standard taxi cab.  First of all, you're in a private vehicle so you don't have the stigma of appearing as though you're riding in a marked taxi.   Then, once you setup your Uber account and attach a credit card to your account, then you catch a ride anytime without the hassle of making sure you have a credit card or cash with you as you would need for a standard taxi service and when you're ride is finished you can just get up and go, as its all paid for through the online service.   If you haven't used Uber before, then there's no reason why you shouldn't consider Uber for your next traveling need.

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