Thursday, February 4, 2016

Tax Group To Sponsor Lottery In Future Television Ads

This may help pay taxes but this helps beat th...
This may help pay taxes but this helps beat the Axis. Stay on the job. - NARA - 534946 (Photo credit: Wikipedia)
The last massive Powerball Jackpot left many people disappointed. However, these people shouldn't worry much because H&R Block is giving the public another chance to win some cash. One-thousand individuals will have the chance to win $1000 in the H&R Block Giveaway. The drawing starts Saturday, and it will continue to run for 32 consecutive days. The entrance fee for this remarkable lottery is currently $32 per person.

Kathy Collins, the Chief Marketing Officer for H&R block is pushing this lottery to encourage early filing. Those who file their taxes in a timely manner will have a better chance of being one of the lucky winners. H&R block prepared taxes for 24 million individuals worldwide in 2014. They also gave people an incentive to save by offering 50% discounts. By combining this lottery with their other promotions, they hope to prepare even more taxes in 2016.

They are using television ads and social media platforms to promote this lottery. Two 30-second television ads are presently running at key periods throughout the day. H&R Block is also using television ads to promote their do-it-yourself filing option. For $9.99, individuals can file their own federal taxes through the company's interface.

Promoting the H&R block Giveaway inspires the team because they get to assist individuals in two ways. Not only will they try to get the maximum return for their clients, they also give them a chance to win $1000. According to Mrs Collins, they spent about the same on advertising as they spent in the previous year. Despite the cost, she still seems content with the current direction and success of the company.

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