Monday, July 15, 2013

Three Key Players In Online Trading India

A1 Houston Office Oil Traders on Monday

A1 Houston Office Oil Traders on Monday (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Brokers no longer have a monopoly on the stock market. In recent years, the emergent online trading in India has removed all the barriers. Ordinary folks can now buy and sell shares over the internet without a liaison handling all the transactions.

This new trend has opened up a whole new market where various platforms are being peddled to would-be traders. We've compiled some of the top companies offering these online trading India platforms.

One such company is Sharekhan which is considered to be the second largest stock broker in India. Due to its popularity, it has grown tremendously since its inception in February 2000. Its ShareMobile platform is a new mobile application which allows traders and retail investors to execute their orders at top speed.

Another company of the same vein is ICICIDirect which is a household name among seasoned traders. It provides diverse online trading India options such as derivatives, equity, mutual funds, commodity, and loans. 

Indiabulls Securities is a subsidiary of the Indiabulls Group Companies which was established in early 2000s. It has a variety of products such as Power Indiabulls, Indiabulls Signature Account and IPO Online. Of particular interest is the Power Indiabulls which is a trading platform where you can see real-time news, charts, and stock prices.

These online brokerages have elevated the online trading India to a whole new level. The challenge is finding the best one that meets all your trading needs.

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