Thursday, April 15, 2010

Stock Carnival Ecstasy - April 15, 2010

Welcome to the April 15, 2010 edition of Stock Carnival Ecstasy. Great to be here talking about money and reading good articles on Tax Day in the US. Just completed my own tax return using Turbo Tax which is a pretty nice option. This edition starts with Camille Hensley presenting the Top 50 Project Management Blogs for those looking to improve their business careers. Double My Net Worth takes a look at the impact on Small, Mid and Large Cap Stocks of the current recession. Patty Pedersen takes a look at Google on the day when they report their most recent quarter and fall in after hours trading. Finally some information for those in Canada that want to file their taxes with QuickTax by Patrick LaRue. Bookmark, Share and come back in 14 days.

Silicon Valley Blogger presents TradeKing Review: How Does TradeKing Measure Up? posted at The Digerati Life, saying, "Thanks!"


FIRE Getters presents Retirement - 401(k) - Where Did All The Money Go? Looted! posted at FIRE Finance, saying, "Imagine this: You are about to retire in few months. You and your wife have made plans for some dream vacations that you always wanted to take. Then one fine morning you wake up and check your 401(k) account balance and discover it to be zero, nil, zilch!!!"

Hussein Sumar presents 401k Rollover as Business Startup - ROBS May Not Be A Good Idea - How to Use Your 401k to Finance your Small Business Start Up posted at 401k, saying, "Investing in a business can turn a sizable profit but its best NOT to risk your retirement funds using the ROBS strategy. Instead, seek alternative options to legally create and grow your wealth. I think the benefits of growing a profitable and legally compliant business are well worth it."

Engelbert Hudson presents Top 50 Human Resources Blogs posted at Masters in Human Resources, saying, "The top 50 human resources blogs listed here can help you stay up to speed in today’s HR environment. These blogs were chosen for their popularity as well as for their recent updates."

Camille Hensley presents Top 50 Project Management Blogs posted at Masters in Project Management, saying, "The following list may help you stay on top of these requirements, as the 50 project management blogs listed here are written by the best in the field."


Double My Net Worth presents The Great Recession of 2009’s Impact on Small, Mid and Large Cap Stocks posted at Double My Net Worth, saying, "Now that the recession is nearly over, who do you think emerged as a winner over the past 12 months, 3 and 5 years? Hint : It is not large value stocks."

Patty Pedersen presents What Will It Take for Google Shares to Return to an All-Time High? posted at AlphaProfit MoneyMatters - Investing Blog, saying, "Google's dominance of the Internet has translated into ample gains for Google shareholders since the IPO. Now, a few chinks are appearing in Google's armor. What lies ahead for GOOG stock?"

Zach Scheidt presents Rampant Speculation in Restaurant Industry posted at ZachStocks, saying, "OpenTable Inc. (OPEN) has experienced strong growth but is overvalued and vulnerable to a decline. Trading at 80 times earnings with insiders selling, the stock could drop to the mid-20's"

Medhat Youssef presents Dividends And Covered Calls In Volatile Markets posted at Forex trading online.

Zach Scheidt presents Education Gets an Upgrade posted at ZachStocks, saying, "Credit Suisse upgraded two educational stocks Tuesday after a Department of Education report on Gainful Employment. One of these stocks looks like a better buy with the potential for significant multiple expansion"


Patrick LaRue presents QuickTax Is Canada’s #1 Tax Software | 2010 Tax posted at 2010 Tax, saying, "QuickTax provides free tax preparation options for Canadians looking to file their taxes prior to the deadline of April 30th."

Ricky presents Investing for Dummies posted at Stock Tips, saying, "Are you new to investing? Get some useful investment tips used by the top professionals."


Praveen presents Lichello's AIM System posted at My Simple Trading System, saying, "A look at Robert Lichello's AIM system for trading stock - which was popular in the 1970's, and then went out of style - like Disco shoes"

That concludes this edition. Submit your blog article to the next edition of stock carnival ecstasy using our carnival submission form. Past posts and future hosts can be found on our blog carnival index page.

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