Tuesday, June 16, 2015

Kelley Blue Book Used Cars

2010-2011 Kia Soul photographed in Chantilly, ...
2010-2011 Kia Soul photographed in Chantilly, Virginia, USA. Category:Kia Soul (Photo credit: Wikipedia)
Kelley Blue Book's online website, at kbb.com, recently declared the KIA Soul to be among the "coolest" cars in its price range ($18,000 or less.) KBB considers cars for their awards using the criteria of fuel efficiency, technology features, and style. Kia Motors America, the manufacturer, proudly announced that their car has earned this accolade in each of the last two years. The fact that KBB has impartially recognized the car's stylishness, affordability, features and "coolness" does not come as a big surprise to the company--consumers have noted these advantages also, making the Kia Soul among the most popular consumer choices in Kia's line. The cars popularity has generated a lot of customer traffic to Kia's car lots, both new and used.

The judges summed up their decision by describing the Kia as both fun to own and to drive. The final selection was made from a list of various makers' automobiles. The award for 2010 groups cars according to car value, and uses the Kelly Blue Book values for new cars, separate from the more well known Kelley Blue Book Used Cars. Their book uses the prices at which new cars are actually sold, rather than the suggested retail price--the "sticker" price put on cars by the manufacturers and car dealers.

This is not the first award the car has received, although being the "coolest" is special. It has also been recognized as the Best Family Car, Top Family Car, Top Safety Pick and Best Hatchback. These awards represent opinions from various organizations totally independent of each other and KBB. Features such as Bluetooth integration, iPod friendly audio input jack and adaptations for wireless phone are examples of the advanced technology features that got the attention of the judges in each of these organizations. These are all features you can examine when you want to find out what makes a car the coolest one around.

Kia Soul comes in a variety of versions, each with different types and combinations of features. They are the Soul, the Soul+ or Soul! There is also a Soul Sport model. The style and features aim to please young buyers, especially young buyers with very active lifestyles. The car's association with the well known Geek Squad, which drives it along with Volkswagens and Chevrolets, has also enhanced its public image and popularity. The Kia Soul is in some very good car company--other winners recently have included the Mazda3, the Mitsubishi Lancer, and Honda's Civic and Fit models.

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