Tuesday, May 27, 2014

Is SureTrader Good For Online Investments?

Is Suretrader Good?

Thanks to the Internet, stock trading has never been easier for the average person. Unfortunately, may Internet investors mistakenly think they are getting into an easy scheme for getting rich quick. Lack of investor experience results in millions of lost dollars every year. This investor need for professional advice in web-based trading has lead to the creation of brokerage sites like Sure Trader.

SureTrader, part of Swiss American Securities, Ltd, was founded in 2008 by businessman Guy Gentile. Its location in the Bahamas is one reason people choose SureTrader: It is regulated by the Bahamas Securities and Exchange Commission and not the US Securities and Exchange Commission. This means that investors are not bound by the Pacific Day Trader rule, or PDT, which limits investors with less than $25,000 on account to three days of trading per rolling period. In other words, SureTrader investing does not require as much cash for starting each trading day, answering the question for many people, Is SureTrader good? with a resounding, 'Yes!'

SureTrader has competitive pricing, but the web-site is somewhat outdated and can be hard to navigate. They do provide live customer support which is easy to use by just clicking on a link in the corner of the screen.
Signing up for SureTrader involves scanning in a couple of IDs as well as a current utility bill. After that, it takes a day or two for the account to be activated.

SureTrader has three different investment platforms and users can manage their account wherever they can get an Internet connection.

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