Tuesday, September 24, 2013

The Entrepreneur Peter Jones

Cover of "Tycoon: How to Be REALLY Rich"
Cover of Tycoon: How to Be REALLY Rich
For the past couple of decades, one of the most electrifying and successful entrepreneurs in all of Europe has been Peter Jones.  The Peter Jones entrepreneur biography is a very impressive list of all of the businesses that he has created and turned into international success stories.

Like many great entrepreneurs, Jones has seen plenty of ups and downs during this career.  His career started when he was still a very young man.  At this point he started a computer business, which was initially very successful, but ultimately failed, which forced him to sell off his home and most of his personal assets.  At the same time he also started a bar, which he eventually sold at a big loss.

The first true success that Jones had professionally came soon afterwards.  In 1998 he started a company called Phones International Group.  Within a year his company was earning over 14 million pounds per year.  Within about five years after that, revenues went up almost ten fold.

Since creating that company, Jones has also created, established, and invested in a wide range of other businesses in several different industries.  His large number of successful businesses has helped him to gain international fame.  Jones used his personal and professional fame to enter the field of entertainment.  Jones has been involved in many different reality television programs, each of which have revolved around helping aspiring entrepreneurs to develop their own businesses and expand on their own ideas.  These have included Dragon's Den, Tycoon, and American Inventor.

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