Wednesday, April 20, 2011

The Great Benefit of VoIP Phone Systems

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You didn't think there was a 'different' type of phone system? Believe it or not, there is. It's not all telephone wires and towers here. Nor do you have to worry about storms bringing down the lines. In fact, there technically are no lines. Except one. The only line that actually exists is that cyberspace highway called the internet!

That's what VoIP Phone Systems are. It's a phone system that allows any user to make calls across your Local Area Network, also known as your LAN. The system also provides you the use of calling through a Wide Area Network, or WAN. VoIP actually stands for Voice-over Internet Protocol. Thanks to the efficiency of digital technology, you're able to convert your analog voice on the phone into little packets that get sent across the network using the speed and power of the Internet Protocol.

You're looking at cyberspace telephones, basically--well, sort of.

One of the greatest assets about VoIP Phone Systems besides the reliability is the pricing. Generally the systems are rather inexpensive given the utilization of the internet. Your payment generally comes out of your internet service while your phone service is handled directly through it. There are also a large assortment of different brands that offer VoIP, some with different features and layouts for you and your office complex. There's Aastra, 3CX, Cudatel, Grandstream, Rhino, Switchvox, Talkswitch, and Xorcom. Functionality, flexibility and cost savings are your benefits for choosing a reliable, feature-rich VoIP Phone System to use in your business, especially for something like customer service.

VoIP offers you advanced features, such as call monitoring, analytics, queuing and voicemail. Now keep this in mind: every system varies, but this is a general overview of some of the advanced features a VoIP Phone System will have. All in all, no matter which brand or company offering the service you choose, you benefit greatly from owning a VoIP. Why?

Besides the cost savings and reliability, which are obvious pluses, you also benefit from the ability to deploy the system remotely. You can use VoIP anywhere you want--your home, your office, even a mobile home. So long as you have a viable internet connection, wireless or cable or whatnot, you're set. Scalability and visibility throughout your network are other major advantages. That means if you ever needed to 'improve' your system, VoIP actually allows easy extension add-ons without having to revamp the entire system; visibility gives you the freedom to basically monitor all connections in your network using the internet--something you can't do with a phone.

Basically, what you have is reliable, top of the line. Yes, your regular TDM phone connection, at least on a wide scale--such as a big business, possibly insurance company or other large call-center focused service--wouldn't suffice to a great extent when you're dealing with umpteenth million calls daily. That's what VoIP does for you. It makes it easy. it makes it simple, clean, and efficient. If you have a business you'd like to connect on a wide communication scale, try VoIP Phone Systems and see what you think.

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