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Stock Carnival Ecstasy - September 2, 2010

Welcome to the September 2, 2010 edition of Stock Carnival Ecstasy.This time around we have a good number of great articles on investing and stock trading. Christien has a nice article warning about online payday loan scams. Many are familiar with the checking cashing and payday loan places in their neighborhood but might have not realized how popular they are online also. David de Souza has an article for Landlords with 3 Ways To Reduce Your Tax Bill. Real Estate remains a great way to reduce your taxable income especially when you are single or your income does not rise above the unlimited deduction limits. Jacob A. Irwin takes a look at Buying Company Stock In Your Retirement plan. Staying diversified is key here. And finally Arjun Rudra posts about Investing in small and micro cap value stocks. Really great material from Arjun and everyone. Make sure to bookmark, share, and return for the next edition.

Pinnacle presents Blog - Pinnacle Plans - Baton Rouge, LA posted at Business Plans.


Christien presents Avoid Online Payday Loan Scams ? Your Checklist posted at Online Payday Loan Companies Reviewed For Your Safety.

Hussein Sumar presents Tax Saving Tips for IRA Investors - After Tax Contributions (Basis), Income in Respect of Descendent, 10% Excess Tax & Substantially Equal Periodic Payments (SEPPs) posted at Roth IRA, saying, "Thousands of IRA investors miss out on important tax benefits each year because they are not familiar with the Tax Act and laws. Others make crucial errors when filing their tax returns. For instance, IRA investors may pay taxes on monies that should have been tax free or pay excise taxes on IRA distributions when these distributions should be free of tax. Our aim in this article is to highlight some IRA tax laws and how you can benefit from them."

David de Souza presents Landlords: 3 Ways To Reduce Your Tax Bill posted at UK Tax Blog, saying, "Our guide shows landlords three ways to save money on their tax bill"


freefrombroke presents Why Invest In Stocks posted at Free From Broke, saying, "Why it's a good idea to invest in stocks (even in today's market)."

Jacob A. Irwin presents Should You Buy Company Stock In Your Retirement Account? posted at My Money Blog - Personal Finance and Investing, saying, "A look at the specific scenarios when you should and should not purchase stock in the company for which you work."

Alexander presents How to Enroll in a DRIP Program posted at Dividend Stocks, saying, "DRIP programs automatically reinvest by buying more shares and increasing the value of your investment."

cashmom presents Daily Stock Pick of the Day - Aug 24, 2010 posted at Daily Stock Pick of the Day, saying, "A daily blog looking at current market trends and suggests one investiment idea each day."

Arjun Rudra presents Investing in small and micro cap value stocks with Matt Miller of Chanticleer Holdings posted at Investing Thesis, saying, "An interview with Matt Miller of Chanticleer Holdings. Matt helped launch Chanticleer Investors II, a value oriented fund, on January 1st 2007 and has served as co-portfolio manager of that entity since its inception. Matt's top stock pick is a company called Eastern Insurance Holdings (EIHI:NASDAQ)."


Oliver Wang presents 100 Lessons You Should Learn from Frugal People posted at College Crunch.

Mike Piper presents TIPS vs. Nominal Treasury Bonds posted at The Oblivious Investor, saying, "When does it make sense to use inflation-protected bonds, and when does it make sense to use the traditional nominal Treasury bonds?"

Susan Howe presents How to Replace Six Vital Documents posted at Get Rich Slowly, saying, "Here’s how to replace six of the most important documents in your life."

That concludes this edition. Submit your blog article to the next edition of stock carnival ecstasy using our carnival submission form. Past posts and future hosts can be found on our blog carnival index page.

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